Restaurant Services

PREDICTif Solutions has developed numerous solutions specifically to address Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR) and Full-Service Restaurants (FSR) as well as the Fast Casual (FC) market segment.

These solutions, built upon the advanced data visualization and dashboarding solutions, enable rapid and intuitive exploration and analysis of information from any combination of structured, semi-structured and unstructured content. Our industry specific solutions utilize real-life data from sales, operations, consumer sentiment and third-party data feeds.  They also solve real use cases such as sales vs. speed of service (broken out between dine-in and drive-thru), consumer sentiment issue resolution and root cause detection, and quantifying product mix offerings and marketing techniques to increase sales transactions while maintaining and/or increasing average check values.

Our unique solutions extend our QSR customers’ existing business analytics investments to unstructured data, such as industry web sites, content systems, files, email, database text and big data. The solutions provide business users unprecedented visibility and unlimited granularity into any source and, more importantly, allows their analysis alongside traditional business intelligence source systems. This results in time and cost savings and enables improved business decisions based on a 360 degree view of all relevant information. Let PREDICTif build a solution to help you: 


  • Create multiple reports in real-time and share those reports online
  • Build operational dashboards and scorecards that can instantly drill down to areas, regions and individual restaurants, identify problems, and react faster to critical areas such as customer acquisition, retention, service operations, revenue, and profit
  • Plan according to anticipated events, weather, sales, customer service, and financial factors
  • Adjust profit targets, planning, and forecasting effectively to keep business in line with company goals
  • Align your menu with regional preferences
  • Enable unparalleled visibility into LTO Campaigns by leveraging sales revenue with customer insights

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