Manufacturing Services

Pressure is the nature of the manufacturing industry – but, with the right resources and support, it’s possible to thrive in it. In order to succeed in this complex field, inventory control, supply chain management, and just-in-time delivery are critical components.

Manufacturing businesses depend on accurate, up-to-the-minute information from multiple sources and business partners, the gathering of which can be both daunting and expensive. Data inaccuracies can affect not only the performance of the entire company, but also the larger supply chain its products feed into. Traditional reporting systems depend on manual data entry not only take unnecessary time, but also risk human error.

Compounding these struggles, inventory can become outdated in a matter of weeks, while sales representatives must concentrate on the needs of their customers and don’t always have the time to decipher complicated data.

PREDICTif’s solutions address this broad array of manufacturing enterprise challenges, automating both manual inputs and financial reports quickly and without burdensome transitions for users or high IT costs. PREDICTif can help manufacturers:

  • Make timely purchasing decisions with visibility into inventory data
  • Access real-time, reliable, and measurable reporting systems anywhere and anytime, both inside and outside their firewall
  • Build dashboards and scorecards that will allow users and decision makers to access key data and their performance matrix
  • Collect and manage data automatically in place of manual processes, minimizing time and error
  • Integrate new PREDICTif technology into existing resources and infrastructures to achieve higher ROI, without having to alter business models, structures, or strategies
  • Explore historical data to analyze trends and strengthen strategic planning


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