Financial Services

Offering electronic transactions and online balance verification isn’t enough anymore: this is a challenge that financial service providers have tackled in recent years, as customers have come to expect a full range of their services to be available online.

Leading institutions are already beginning to crowd out their competition’s service offerings by providing customers full data availability and analytical tools that offer historical analysis and assumption-based projections. This means that services that want to stay competitive must attain the real-time data visibility for a range of customers that will support the advanced electronic financial services they demand.

PREDICTif will deliver solutions that glean and compile complete client data while offering clients the full-service solutions they require, allowing for automation that can reduce costs and lead to competitive advantages. PREDICTif can help you:

  • Streamline your content management to power strategic decision-making and reduce costs associated with risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Build reports to analyze costs using existing data sources, including human resources, trade and loan performance, and branch or customer profitability
  • Speed up the pace of operations, increasing productivity and reducing costs
  • Construct a complete, detailed picture of the client
  • Improve customer service levels and expand service offerings to the customer, while also enhancing their options for self-service

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