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Customer Segmentation

Our Customer Segmentation tools use artificial intelligence to analyze hundreds of factors instantly and find connections often missed by the human eye. Develop customized relationships with your customers quickly and efficiently to increase your click-through rate, engagement, and conversions.

The right campaigns to the right people

You can’t provide every customer the same product, experience, or ad. Our Customer Segmentation Wizard saves you time and resources by identifying both your high-performing and low-performing audiences to better inform and direct your marketing initiatives.

How It Works

Customer segmentation using machine learning has revolutionized how a company’s marketing team allocates its resources to minimize costs and increase return on investments. Customer segmentation divides customers into various groups based on underlying characteristics. Machine learning finds these segments that would otherwise be difficult to spot using manual intuition or regular business intelligence tools. Our customer segmentation tool contains modules that can be utilized by anyone from business and marketing analysts to data scientists to customer service representatives and more.

Recent Success

Heavy Machinery Manufacturer



Immediate increase in win rate



Decrease in freight costs

14 Hours

Average time saved per week

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