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We created Intellicision to help companies make faster, more intelligent data-informed decisions. The groundbreaking and versatile line of products that make up the Intellicision Suite markedly improves productivity and confidence across your teams.

Bid Prediction


QuickQuotes shortens the response time to RFQs (Request for Quote), through powerful and innovative search capabilities and ML/AI based recommendation system. This tool reduces the time needed to identify parts correctly and provide accurate quotes from weeks to days.

Bid Prediction

Bid Predictor

Our Bid Predictor identifies underlying trends and patterns in your data, enabling you to analyze and perfect data rapidly. Start making better decisions and increase your chance of winning bids today.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Our Customer Segmentation solution delivers accurate information about your customers. Personalize your marketing and provide a relevant experience to your customers while maximizing the value of each of them. 

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Heavy Machinery Manufacturer



Immediate increase in win rate



Decrease in freight costs

14 Hours

Average time saved per week

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Client Testimonials

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The Intellicision Suite has uniquely empowered us to make intelligent, data-informed decisions. It’s now the first place I go to start answering questions.

Senior Product Manager

Retail Chain
Our business question seemed manageable given our company’s history; however, it quickly proved too complicated for our resources. Some of our people have been here for years and developed techniques to improve rates on a sale-by-sale basis. Unfortunately, they’re usually too time-intensive and provide inconsistent results. Machine learning and artificial intelligence were just buzzwords to us at that point. Overall, we partnered with the right company to dive into the details and provide the answer.



Our sellers were losing deals even during the quote phase due to unknown circumstances. We wanted to help our team improve sales and determine if there was a pattern to the losses. PREDICTif developed a solution that examined our history, from pricing data to quote data, so that we can now provide “just-in-time” advice at every stage of the quote process.

VP Strategy

Heavy Machinery Distributor

We needed a visual of the output for our non-technical sales team. PREDICTif’s Intellicision Suite didn’t stop there though. This solution gives us insight into the deal without the need for specific sales experience or blanket price reduction. Now our sales team can see the range of outcomes at every stage of the process.

EVP, Corporate Planning and Analytics

Machinery Manufacturer & Distributor

There is a learning period following the launch of a new product. Not having the specific product experience to rely on can certainly make things uncertain. We can now feed data from similar products starting from when they were new to the market to inform the release of our new product. No more blind spots, plus it’s easy to use. Sales come in faster, and our salespeople have added confidence. But the best part is that the model keeps improving over time.

President of Operations

Electronics Distributor
The Intellicision Suite is on my shortlist of must-have tools for business intelligence. We can finally do away with the middleman for gaining insights into customers because of how easy it is to use. Our entire team now has relevant advice at their fingertips in real-time. Thank you!

Marketing Director

Hotel Group
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