Telecommunications is a rich, rapidly changing industry with constant technological development and advances, company acquisition, and customer retention all making this a challenging field to navigate. PREDICTif knows how vital it is for telecom companies to have the tools necessary to quickly calculate ROI for individual service sections, build multiple profit and loss reports, and quickly and accurately compile data to develop forecasting models.

PREDICTif is specialized in delivering solutions that boost your business’s capabilities for data collection, decision-making, and web-based deployment, as well as helping you to streamline functions, including billing, sales, collection, corporate finance, customer service, distribution, marketing, and customer retention.

Let us build a solution to help you:

  • Create multiple reports in real-time and share those reports online
  • Plan according to operations management, sales, customer service, and financial factors
  • Adjust profit targets, planning, and forecasting effectively to keep business in line with company goals
  • Build operational dashboards and scorecards that can instantly drill down to individual stores, identify problems, and react faster to critical areas such as customer acquisition, retention, service operations, revenue, and profit

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