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Bid Predictor

Take the guesswork out of the bid process and open the door to new possibilities for successful bid creation with Intellicision’s Bid Predictor. Whether you’re preparing a single quote, multiple quotes, or looking for a price evaluation, the Predictor illuminates the most direct path to a winning bid.

To Bid or Not to Bid

Leave Shakespeare to the scholars and step into certainty with the Bid Predictor. Gain immediate insight into how variables are impacting your chance of closing a deal so that you can bid smarter and safer in less time.

How It Works

The Bid Predictor is customized to your business’ needs and comes pre-calibrated so that it works straight out of the box. The tool captures the previously untapped patterns from each of the many variables in every historical bid, both won and lost, and uses them to predict bid outcomes. Seamlessly run “what-if” scenarios to fine tune the parameters of a bid and maximize both your chance of winning and your profit margins.

Recent Success

Heavy Machinery Manufacturer



Immediate increase in win rate



Decrease in freight costs

14 Hours

Average time saved per week

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