Big Data Unlocks Consumer Insights

Evolution of mobile devices and social media has provided consumers with more channels to make their voices heard about the products and services that they receive. In a typical week – 156 million adult consumers engage social networking on smart phones and tablets according to a recent Nielsen report. That’s nearly 65% of the US population! Rapid adoption of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest and Tumblr will continue to change the way that we connect with our customers.

why it matters

Retailers, Restaurants, Consumer Goods Manufacturing and Hospitality are just a few industries that have an urgent need to stay in touch with their customers. Historically they have implemented many touch points such as loyalty programs, consumer care desks and surveys to gain an understanding of the customer sentiment towards their products. While the analytics of the content is valuable, it is now missing a significant component – social media. Additionally, there is no easy way to correlate the consumer sentiment from these content sources with financials, product development and operations to reach a comprehensive understanding of the impact that customer insight has towards its business. Given that typical organizations have data and content stored in disparate systems and managed by different internal departments – there needs to be a better way. Step in Big Data, which is a perfect platform to mash up a set of diverse content, structured and unstructured, and provide a single pane of glass for critical insights.


Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) technologies lack the power to handle the data with vast volume and arrays of varieties. The fact that consumers can now simply thumb on their devices and provide their feedback with a wide reach makes it even more critical to understand the impact immediately. Today’s BI platform does not offer the kind of flexibility and self-service capabilities to deal with these challenges. Business’ reliance on an over-burdened IT keeps it slow to address its customers’ concerns and capitalize the opportunities. Big Data is changing the landscape how consumer insights are gathered and leveraged, helping alleviate those disparities in traditional IT infrastructure. As lines of business demands increase – so will the need for relevant data.

PREDICTif brings an innovative set of Big Data technologies to provide business self-service consumer insights tools to gain critical information, without burdening business users with hard-to-use tools or high IT costs. We are able to accomplish this by partnering with the leading information discovery and big data technology company, Oracle.



PREDICTif can help retailers, restaurants, hospitality, telecomm, banks and consumer goods manufacturing in the following use cases:

What Why Who
Marketing and Consumer Engagement
  • More relevant and timely recommendations (in store and online)
  • Increased consumer loyalty and advocacy
  • More consistent cross-channel communication
Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Operations, Loyalty Marketing, e-Commerce, Consumer Insights, Store Operations
Store Operations and Crosschannel Commerce
  • Improved On Shelf Availability performance
  • Better understanding of store conditions that impact shopper decisions
  • Improved cross-channel understanding of consumer shopping behavior
Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Operations, e-Commerce, Retail Ops, Supply Chain, Consumer Insights
Planning and Merchandising
  • Improved merchandising
  • More targeted store assortments mapped to shopper basket preferences
  • More relevant real time offers
Merchandising, Category Mgmt, e-Commerce, Consumer Insights, Demand and Supply Planning
Supply Chain
  • Improved On Shelf Availability performance
  • Improved forecasting, replenishment and inventory allocation performance
Retail Sales and Ops, Supply Chain, Consumer Insights, Demand and Supply Planning, Inventory Mgmt
Product Innovation
  • Faster and more consumer-relevant generation of new product concepts
  • More successful new product launches
R&D, Innovation, Marketing, Brand Mgmt, Category Mgmt, Supply Chain, Sales, Regulatory Affairs
Consumer Engagement
  • More consistent cross-channel communication
  • More relevant and timely recommendations (in store and online)
  • Increased consumer loyalty and advocacy
  • Optimized marketing mix across B2B and B2C
Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brand Mgmt, Consumer Affairs, Consumer Insights, Sales, Trade Marketing, Category Mgmt



PREDICTif will leverage our extensive experience through our successes with these industries and deliver value-added Consumer 360 solutions. Our engagement will start with a Consumer Insights expert who will help produce a solution roadmap based on our pre-built templates and then deploy an implementation team that consists of highly skilled consultants to establish Big Data solutions for consumer insights.

Revolutionize your business with our customized cloud solutions.

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