Quick Delivery Kit for Oracle’s Big Data Discovery

PREDICTif is excited to announce a Quick Delivery Kit (QDK) offering for Oracle’s Big Data Discovery (BDD) solution. Oracle has furthered its leadership position in the space of information discovery by extending its market-leading information discovery tool, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) and releasing BDD. BDD is designed to empower business users such as data scientists and business analysts to explore, transform and discover within terabytes of structured and unstructured data and gain critical insights that transform today’s business. Being a thought leader in the big data and information discovery space, PREDICTif has formed a strong partnership with Oracle to bring the values of BDD to our joint customers. To this end, PREDICTif has enhanced its OEID QDK and begun to offer this unique BDD Quick Delivery Kit.

PREDICTif’s BDD QDK offering is a 12-week program that will enable customers to leverage the marketing leading big data discovery tool and gain unparalleled capabilities to enable competitive advantages from their mountains of data.

  • Conduct a discovery and planning process to identify high value use cases and complete a plan for implementation
  • Establish the solution architecture and complete the development of the initial use case(s) through an iterative development process
  • Enable customer self-sufficiency by performing knowledge transfer throughout our engagement
  • Develop a post-production support arrangement to ensure that customers will continue to enjoy support from PREDICTif

BDD QDK is a highly valuable offering to our customers who plan to and have established a big data store in Hadoop and are in need of exploring and discovering the big data repository. Please contact us for more information.

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