Success relies on having the right tools at your disposal. At PREDICTif, we do more than offer skilled consulting to empower our customers. With this objective in mind, PREDICTif has developed a number of accelerators, add-ons and quick delivery kits. They are being used in our projects to accelerate the adoption of the delivered solutions, add more functionality and shorten the overall project delivery. The essence of our product offering is time to value that ultimately enables our customers to enjoy the benefits of their investment quickly.

Our Industry Add-Ons, custom-built to meet the needs of key industries, drill down into the specifics of different fields’ needs to address their day-to-day challenges head-on. The software modules are bolted on Oracle or IBM software to extend beyond what the out-of-box software can offer and meet the common needs of certain industries. Empowered by these add-ons, our industry customers will benefit from our industry knowledge and experience. It is one of the competitive advantages that we use to differentiate from many of generalists in the market.

Our Accelerators are specially built to address some of the common challenges that we have experienced in our projects. Whether it is industry specific solution or technological module, the Accelerators eliminate inefficiencies and repetitive steps in our solution implementations, speeding time to value.

Quick Delivery Kits (QDK) consists of a series of software modules, framework, templates and processes that can be leveraged to deliver an end-to-end business analytics solution. They specifically address the integration of disparate software solutions and coalescence of the project teams to streamline the project development cycle and adopt best practices. QDK will empower our customers with well-built solutions, allowing them to reap the benefit of their investment.

Whether you need the help of a PREDICTif Quick Delivery Kit to get your software installed and running right out of the box, or whether the answer is an Accelerator to minimize the excessive slack in your processes, we can support your needs and get you moving faster and better. Problem solved!