Oracle Endeca EBS Extensions

PREDICTif Solutions has leveraged its Premier Partnership with Oracle, as well as, our Specialized Partnership in Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) to be first-to-market to provide a proprietary Quick Delivery Kit (QDK) for Endeca EBS Extensions (EEE), maximizing the return on investment for our customers through flawless implementations of EEE, enabling our clients to truly leverage their data capital.

PREDICTif’s QDK for OEID was built upon our knowledge capital that we have gained from dozens of successful EEE implementations. We are proud to say that we are the first Oracle partner to successfully implement a EEE solution in North America. The QDK specifically enables rapid and intuitive exploration and analysis of information from any combination of structured and unstructured content. We adopt a proven, iterative solution delivery methodology, which has helped PREDICTif earn 100% referenceability among our hundreds of customers, to deliver EEE solutions. QDK is an 8-week program, within which PREDICTif will deliver:

Establish OEID Infrastructure

Establish Development, Testing and Production environments for EEE

4 EID Extensions

Complete the end-to-end development lifecycle that includes business requirement gathering, design, development, testing and production deployment


Configure EEE to ensure that compliant security and content access are established within the solution, enabling secure, auditable and controlled access to the information

Knowledge Transfer and Documentation

Provide training and comprehensive documentation that will empower customers’ personnel to support and further enhance EEE to meet additional business requirements


PREDICTif will provide a roadmap and plan to deliver other EEE solutions in the future.

As the first Oracle partner in North America to successfully complete an EBS extension implementation, we pride ourselves on our expertise within this field. We leverage those experiences along with our knowledge within Oracle Endeca Information Discovery to create a seamless implementation approach time and time again. Our teams can also configure extensions to specifications obtained from our clients through our deep-dive requirements gathering sessions.

Our QDK includes our iterative and agile project methodology approach and allows our implantation team along with our clients to be involved throughout the project. Engaging our clients early on is something we strive for and encourage. A unified team leads to a stronger solution and a faster time for visibility into the return on investment. Our main goal at PREDICTif is to create referenceable clients from all of our engagements and this starts with our clients goals and needs and meeting each one of those in a timely and efficient manner.