PREDICTif’s Discoverer Replacement

PREDICTif is excited to announce an offering to replace Discoverer and upgrade customers’ EBS reporting capabilities. As you are no doubt aware, Oracle is sunsetting Discoverer and will soon cease support on this valuable tool. At PREDICTif, we have worked with many companies to identify a suitable replacement for this functionality. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate solution that provides your end users with a seamless experience to continue to perform reporting and analytics across your critical financial and operational data.

PREDICTif’s Discoverer Replacement offering is a 12-week program that will enable customers to leverage the best reporting tool and gain insight from its financial and operation data.

  • Conduct a discovery and planning process to identify a best-fit tool and complete a plan for implementation
  • Establish the solution architecture and complete the development of the initial set of reports
  • Perform knowledge transfer to customers’ resources to empower them to develop additional reports
  • Enter into a support arrangement post production to ensure that customers will continue to enjoy support from PREDICTif

PREDICTif believes this is a valuable offering to our customers who are currently using Discoverer to report out of EBS. Please contact us for more

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