PREDICTif and Mapr to Present at Big Data Expo

Founded in Houston, TX in 2007, PREDICTif is a global provider of big data consulting, implementation, and services for the financial, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail and energy industries. For more than a decade, PREDICTif has provided services for Apache, McDonald’s, Metlife, China Offshore Oil and Toyota to name a few, and has gained extensive experience and knowledge in big data applications.

PREDICTif provides the design and development of hardware and software systems for big data collection, cleansing, integration, normalization, visualization, analysis and predictive analytics, and is a recognized expert and pioneer in the Big Data space. PREDICTif is also one of the few strategic partners of MapR’s approved for sales and professional services as well as a marketing partner in China.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, MapR is a leading global provider of big data platform software and applications. MapR provides the industry’s only Converged Platform, enabling customers to improve business results by combining analytics data into operational applications in real time to leverage the power of big data. Through MapR, enterprises have an unparalleled data management platform, to achieve digital transformation and attain competitive advantage. World-class companies such as Samsung, Audi, HP, Ericsson, United Healthcare, have leveraged MapR to achieve more than five times the return on investment. Amazon, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, SAP and other leading companies are part of the global MapR partner ecosystem.

Having received $194 million from investors, including Google Capital, MapR has established more than a dozen branches in the world, and currently has a significant presence in the Asian Pacific market. PREDICTif is also actively pursuing global presence with the support of its parent company, Smith & Associates, a $1 billion electronics sales and distribution company, with particular focus on China’s business.

PREDICTif and MapR are excited to participate in 2017 Big Data Expo in Guiyang, China. We hope to have the opportunity to share our collective experience in Big Data solutions for financial, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail and other industries as well as lessons learned in the implementation process.

We look forward to working with our Chinese colleagues to gain insight in the direction of the development of Big Data technology in China. Together we will find the opportunity to promote the application of Big Data in Guizhou Province and in China at large.





PREDICTif 2007年成立于休斯顿,是一家全球性的为金融,保险,制造,电讯,零售,能源等行业提供信息化大数据咨询,实施,服务的公司。
十年来,PREDICTif为 阿帕奇 Apache,麦当劳Mcdonald’s,美国大都会人寿保险公司Metlife,中海油 CNOOC 和 丰田汽车Toyota 等200多家公司提供了服务,从中积累了大量的大数据应用的经验和知识。
总部设在加利福尼亚州圣何赛的MapR 是一个全球领先的大数据平台软件和应用公司。MapR提供业界唯一的融合数据平台 (Converged Platform),使客户能够通过将分析数据实时结合到运营应用程序来利用大数据的强大功能,从而改善业务成果。通过MapR,企业拥有无与伦比的数据管理平台,实现数字化转型,实现竞争优势。世界一流公司譬如三星Samsung,奥迪Audi,惠普HP,爱立信Ericsson,联合健康保险United Healthcare,使用MapR实现了五倍多的投资回报。亚马逊 Amazon,思科Cisco,谷歌Google,微软Microsoft,SAP等领先企业都是全球MapR合作伙伴生态系统的一部分。

MapR从包括谷歌资本Google Capital在内的投资者中获得了1.94亿美元的融资,在全球已经建立了十多个分公司。 PREDICTif 也在母公司Smith & Associates ,一个有10亿美元年产值的电子产品销售和分销公司,的支持下,积极实施全球布局,尤其关注在中国的业务。
借这次贵州数博会的机会,PREDICTif 携合作伙伴MapR 参会。希望有机会介绍PREDICTif在金融,保险,制造,电讯,零售等行业中取得的应用成果,产品成熟的性能以及分享实施过程中的经验和教训。

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