Intelligent Decision Making

Every decision in business is driven by many, sometimes hundreds of factors. Many companies rely on “collective wisdom” to make these decisions every day. With the availability of gigabytes of data and the advent of machine learning technology, we’ve created Intellicision to help enterprises analyze numerous variables and make more intelligent, data informed decisions. 

why we do it

Intellicision is…

  • Collective wisdom over individual brilliance
  • Informed by data
  • Leveraging proven data science
  • Repeatable and consistent
  • Monitoring performance to improve continuously
  • Adaptable to changes
intellicision process

what happens



Win Rate


Churn Rate


Warranty Claims


Marketing Return


Customer Spending


Freight Cost

where we help

Our Industries


Intellicision improves many aspects of decision making for manufacturers from increasing sales by accurately predicting the results of a bid to reducing warranty costs by understanding the reasons behind the claims and lowering inventory by more precise demand forecasting.


Win/Loss Predictor

Inventory Optimization

Upsell Opportunities

Warranty Claim Predictor

Freight Evaluation

Vendor Selection


Intellicision helps retailers better manage their customer experience, therefore enhancing brand attractiveness and loyalty, growing new customers and their visit frequency and upsell opportunities and ultimately increasing revenue and marketing ROI.


Category Management

Market Intelligence

Promotion Decisions

Customer Experience

NPS Improvement


Trading & Distribution

Intellicision helps trading and distribution companies make real-time decisions in a rapidly changing environment. Do you question how to prioritize a requirement or what price to offer certain customers? Maybe you’re stuck on what items are in a shortage situation or determining if a transaction is fraudulent? These are just a few questions that this industry must address every day. Getting it right is what separates success from failure. Take the guessing out with Intellicision.


Requirement Prioritization

Price Optimization

Shortage Predictor

Fraud Detection

Freight Management

Vendor Rankings

how we do it

AWS Cloud Makes it Easy

Leveraging AWS’ cloud and machine learning (ML) technologies simplifies the implementation of Intellicision and reduces the time for adoption and maintenance, so your business users can focus on making better decisions without added IT complexity.

aws machine learning architecture

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It’s time to take your decisions to the Intellicision level.