Searchable Part Catalog

The part catalog is built in a tree structure: the machine is the root, assemblies and sub-assemblies are branches and parts are leaves. Users browse by collapse and expansion of the branches and leaves. Searches can be conducted through part names, IDs, dimensions, key features, shapes and many other variables.

ML/AI Part RecommenderML/AI Part Recommender

The part recommender leverages ML/AI models to find parts through problems/symptoms or dependencies/relationships. The part recommender harvests insights and tribal knowledge from previous customer orders, part maintenance data, and customer data.

Intelligent Pricer

The pricer provides up-to-date and accurate price estimates for a quoted part(s) based on ML/AI analysis on historical prices, market trends, customer demand, vendor pricing and lead time.

Powerful Search Capabilities

A part image, technical drawing or the actual picture of the part, can be used to find it. An ordered list of parts with a similar look will be returned and users can browse the list to find the part that they are searching for.

Relationship Maps

The part catalog is depicted by a circle, with
part names listed on it’s circumference. The parts are organized by sub-assemblies and assemblies. Related parts are connected by colored lines to illustrate the relationships between them.

Similarity Cluster Maps

Parts are clustered together on a map based on similarities. Similarities can be derived from shapes, dimensions and usages, developed using ML/AI modeling techniques such as clustering.

Auditable Quoting Process

The entire quoting process is fully logged, and all steps are recorded in the QuickQuotes database. Quoting process can be traced and reports are available for auditing purposes.

Unified Information Dashboard

All internal and external users will have access to the same information from a single dashboard, reducing manual information exchange and providing accurate and up-to-date information. The access is regulated based on permissions to ensure that users only receive the information that is allowed for them.

Auto-Update of Part Info

Part information will be in real-time refreshed in QuickQuotes as soon as it is updated in an ERP system or a separate part catalog. Other related information such as pricing, customers and vendors can also be updated automatically.

Automated Workflow with Alerts

A workflow will be created when a RFQ is entered into QuickQuotes. Responsible parties are assigned tasks to complete the process. The assigned party will be alerted when it reaches the step that he is responsible for. If it takes longer than the scheduled time, he will be alerted, and escalation may be initiated to ensure that the workflow is complete on time.

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