Tailored AWS Control Tower implementation for a leading global manufacturing enterprise

Forging a secure and resilient cloud foundation for architectural excellence

In our recent endeavor to empower a global manufacturing leader, we harnessed the power of AWS Control Tower to forge an unwavering and compliant multi-account AWS ecosystem. Through meticulous customization, this advanced toolkit has become the cornerstone of a precisely tailored foundation, elevating governance to new heights, automating the seamless deployment of specialized blueprints for emerging accounts, and illuminating our client’s AWS landscape like never before. The result is a fortified framework that not only facilitates seamless scalability but also upholds the most exacting operational standards, ensuring a secure and resilient cloud foundation that embodies architectural excellence.

In this article, I delve into the intricacies of AWS Control Tower customization, revealing the precise steps undertaken to orchestrate a secure and resilient cloud foundation tailored for architectural excellence, specifically curated for a prominent global manufacturing leader.

Empowering Efficient Account Foundations through Personalized Landing Zones

By strategically crafting a bespoke landing zone within our client’s AWS architecture, we intricately align their cloud infrastructure with the unique contours of their business requirements and processes. This personalized approach ensures optimal resource allocation, streamlined deployment procedures, and robust security protocols. With this meticulously tailored landing zone, our client confidently strides forward in their cloud journey, bolstered by an infrastructure that mirrors industry-leading best practices.


A Symphony of Consistency: Reinforcing Account Baselines

Our implementation of a custom landing zone seamlessly intertwines AWS best practices with our client’s specific operational prerequisites. This fusion results in a structured account hierarchy fortified by robust security measures, encompassing data encryption, granular access controls, and proactive monitoring. The outcome is a bespoke cloud environment that harmonizes with our client’s unique needs while steadfastly upholding the principles of security and efficiency.

Elevating Security and User Experience: Identity Management and Seamless Access

Leveraging the synergy between AWS Control Tower and IAM Identity Center, we elevate user management and security for our client. This integration empowers centralized access control, granting secure entry into multiple AWS accounts and applications through a unified sign-on experience. By simplifying administrative tasks and reducing credential redundancy, this approach not only streamlines operations but also fortifies security. Enhanced logging and monitoring capabilities further bolster security measures, ensuring consistent and granular permission enforcement across all resources.

Ensuring Comprehensive Accountability with Security Guardrails

Proactive Protection: Preventative Guardrails

By embedding preventative guardrails within our framework, we establish a robust defense mechanism against potential threats. These guardrails reinforce our client’s AWS accounts, preventing unwarranted incidents such as unauthorized encryption configuration changes, root permission alterations, and unauthorized access to unique regions. Through their vigilant implementation, our client’s AWS organization stands fortified, projecting a consistent and proactive security posture that safeguards against future risks.

Continuous Vigilance: Detective Guardrails

In our unwavering commitment to our client’s security, we meticulously integrate detective security guardrails within Control Tower. These guardrails serve as vigilant sentinels, continuously monitoring and analyzing activities within the AWS environment. This watchful stance enables real-time identification of potential security vulnerabilities and instances of non-compliance. With these detective guardrails in place, we uphold the integrity of our client’s infrastructure, ensuring the protection of critical data while nurturing operational resilience.

Security Guardrails Application Example

Operating on a global scale spanning diverse geographical regions, our client’s cloud environment demands attention to this expansive reach. In response, we have meticulously crafted an adaptive multi-account framework that seamlessly accommodates the deployment of guardrails at different tiers within the organizational hierarchy. Through this intricate design, we can apply more lenient guardrails to subordinate environments such as Non-Production, nurturing an environment of creativity and nimbleness while upholding security. Simultaneously, we fortify higher-tier domains like Production with robust and stringent security protocols. This strategic paradigm empowers us to confidently uphold pinnacle security benchmarks for Production, all the while permitting adaptable configurations across alternate contexts.

An illustrative example of this dynamic multi-account framework, complete with security guardrails tailored for both Production and Non-Production organizational units, is depicted in the diagram below:

Streamlined Deployment and Optimized Efficiency with Account Factory (AFC)

Within the intricate landscape of our client’s migration, the Account Factory (AFC) stands as a cornerstone of operational efficiency. This automated mechanism orchestrates the swift creation and configuration of new AWS accounts, meticulously aligning with both industry best practices and our client’s unique requirements. By embracing this solution, we expedite the account provisioning process, ensuring each environment is consistently forged with security, compliance, and operational excellence.

Unifying Precision through Blueprint Hub Account

Our strategic implementation includes a dedicated blueprint hub account synergized with the AWS Service Catalog. This dynamic synergy centralizes and refines the management of architectural templates. The result is a harmonized orchestration that guarantees uniform resource deployment across diverse accounts while amplifying governance, minimizing potential errors, and accelerating the provisioning of standardized AWS solutions.

Tailoring Agility for Non-Production Environment

As part of our ongoing refinement, custom blueprints are meticulously tailored for non-production environments, seamlessly weaving CloudFormation templates. This agile approach ensures that each non-production environment aligns with our client’s specific needs, fostering efficient and secure development and testing processes.

Crafted Excellence for Production Environment

Similar to our non-production blueprints, custom blueprints for production environments are intricately tailored using CloudFormation templates. This level of precision guarantees that every production environment adheres to our client’s exacting standards, facilitating consistent and reliable deployments that empower operational processes. 

Pre-defined Configurations for Launching Repeatable AWS Resources with AWS Service Catalog

The AWS Service Catalog serves as an invaluable repository, curated to offer our client a suite of approved AWS services customized to their operational benchmarks. This repository simplifies operations, enforces compliance, and significantly diminishes the potential for errors, ensuring their cloud ecosystem operates at its zenith.

Elevating Precision with Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Repeatability with Product Templates

Harnessing the power of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), our finely tuned CloudFormation templates usher in an era of repeatability. These templates serve as robust blueprints, facilitating the automatic launch of AWS services and infrastructure within newly created accounts. This transformative process streamlines deployments, enhances governance, reduces manual configuration discrepancies, and accelerates the integration of cloud solutions across our client’s landscape.

Aggregating for Control and Granularity through Custom Portfolios

Custom portfolios play the role of logical folders, bringing together a curated collection of AWS Service Catalog products. This strategic aggregation yields benefits such as product versioning and granular IAM permissions and access, reinforcing our client’s governance and control over their cloud landscape.

Elevating Cloud Agility: A Dynamic AWS Control Tower Automation Showcase

Through strategic AWS Control Tower customization, our efforts extended beyond the enhancement of the AWS account creation process. We took on the challenge of automating the manual and often laborious tasks that follow the creation of an AWS account — a process that usually involves navigating the intricacies of AWS Support to secure necessary service limit increases for the newly created AWS account. To address this, we orchestrated a dynamic interplay of AWS Control Tower’s lifecycle events, AWS EventBridge, and a carefully crafted Lambda function, effectively transforming the post-account creation phase into a streamlined, automated ballet. As the virtual curtains rose on this automation performance, the instant an account was birthed via AWS Control Tower, the stage was set for a choreographed EventBridge trigger. This call to action promptly signaled our star performer, the Lambda function, nestled within our client’s AWS management account. With a nod to innovation, this Lambda function artfully submitted a request for the required service limit increase. To provide you with a glimpse into the symphony of code that drove this elegant automation, we offer a snippet of the Python code employed:


The culmination of the AWS Account Factory, Blueprint Hub Account, AWS Service Catalog, and precision templates serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting a vibrant and responsive AWS ecosystem for our esteemed client, a global leader in the manufacturing space. This fusion, meticulously tailored, highly automated, and strategically governed, establishes the bedrock for an agile, secure, and resource-optimized cloud infrastructure. Our approach not only aligns with the pinnacle of industry practices but also propels our client’s migration journey toward an era of operational brilliance. As collaborative navigators of the cloud, we set sail with unwavering confidence, steering towards a future brimming with technological advancement.

Join us as we traverse the captivating landscape of cloud migration, where operational efficiency and innovation intertwine, propelling your organization to unprecedented heights. PREDICTif Solutions’ cloud migration team stands ready to be your trusted partner, co-creating a cloud environment that not only safeguards your digital assets with security and cost-effectiveness but orchestrates the harmonious management of your invaluable resources, as vividly showcased in the insights shared throughout this article.

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