A sweet retreat in the midst of chaos

by LK

2020 so far has been a test of my resilience, perseverance, motivation, and work ethic. My position is client-facing, so I was a bit nervous when we transitioned to working from home since in-person collaborations would be limited. Fortunately, I have the privilege of working for a great company with a strong IT backbone so we didn’t experience many technical hiccoughs or delays in transition. We already had the tools to adapt quickly and while they can’t replace in person interactions, they help us work effectively as a team.

COVID-19 has impacted our work and daily routine significantly, but with any challenge comes opportunity for positive change and growth. Our whole team may not be in the same office, but we are aligned in working towards the same goal.

Be intentional and resilient to change

I am often reminded that this pandemic is a test for the world in many aspects, especially in seeing life through a different lens. Along the way, we have learned many valuable lessons and it has unlocked many abilities in us that we never knew we had. Personally, it has been a test of my patience and focus.

Sharing a morning meal with young daughter

Given the current situation of juggling work and family life from the same place, I have learned to slow down and focus on the essentials. By slowing down, I can better understand all aspects of a situation and handle it with grace. Managing my son’s online schooling requires every bit of energy, attention, and patience to keep it on track. At the same time, I discovered more ways to be focused, listen actively, ask more direct questions, and understand my colleagues on a more meaningful level.

The time saved from not having to commute now can be used to accomplish more tasks since we have several projects running in parallel. One of the essential things I’ve learned is that I need to not sit for long periods of time (which I’m guilty of doing in the office). Taking short breaks helps me be even more productive both physically and mentally. I can finally achieve my daily walk around the neighborhood after dinner.

Working from home and sharing meals during pandemic

With all of the restructuring, our weekend schedule has been able to shift from group activities and trips to more cooking, baking, and family hobbies with my little one safely at home. Baking has always brought me great joy, but it’s become therapeutic for me since we cannot go out too much. It takes my mind away from the worry of what is going on in the world and the chaos of life. It has brought such joy to know that friends and family taste the sweetness of life through my baking, while the conditions surrounding them may seem grey and bitter.

Emerging stronger and brighter on the other side

My challenges cannot be compared to the frontline workers who are out there working hard every day so that we can all be safe. Not to mention the people suffering from the pandemic or its byproducts. As everyone faces their own challenges, we must push forward with enthusiasm and remember that we are alone-together in this.

I constantly get hope from seeing relationships with family and friends that we don’t often keep in touch with develop. I know that we will come out of this stronger and more equipped to deliver greater results for many more years to come, personally and professionally. Today may be hard, but tomorrow and all days to come will be brighter.

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