Cloud Readiness Assessment

What is stopping you from moving to the cloud? Do you fear your data will not be secure? Do you think you will lose control to a third party or be locked in with a vendor? Are you worried about performance and uptime for your critical applications? These are some of the common concerns that most companies grapple with when deciding if they are ready for the cloud. PREDICTif has created an assessment that will address these concerns.

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Cloud computing offers a value proposition that is different from that of traditional enterprise IT environments. By providing a way to exploit virtualization and aggregate computing resources, cloud can offer economies of scale that would otherwise be unavailable. With minimal upfront investment, cloud computing enables global reach of services and information through an elastic utility computing environment that supports on-demand scalability. Cloud computing can also offer pre-built solutions and services, backed by the skills necessary to run and maintain them, potentially lowering risk and removing the need for the organization to retain a group of scarce highly paid staff.

Cloud computing also presents added challenges to an organization’s processes and controls. PREDICTif blends technical expertise with business alignment experience for maximum effectiveness. We go beyond routine assessments by diving deep into your IT operations for a comprehensive view of your assets. We help you answer most critical questions surrounding cloud adoption to make sensible, forward-looking decisions before you embark on this journey into the cloud.


Following an agreed upon agenda and utilizing a validated questionnaire, PREDICTif’s Cloud Readiness Assessment is a 2-4 week engagement that consists of three steps: Discover, Analyze and Recommend. The engagement will be led by our Cloud subject matter experts who will perform an objective, vendor neutral SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and assess your company’s overall readiness for transitioning to cloud-based services.


  • Understand how well your business is positioned for cloud adoption and where potential benefits reside
  • Identify and validate cloud use cases that will be beneficial for your business’ future
  • Provide IT executives empirical data to support cloud strategy investments
  • Mitigate risk by knowing what controls and processes support or impede your cloud computing goals
  • Establish a maturity baseline across business, process, and service controls to measure progress over time
  • Define high-priority organizational and/or operational gaps to cloud adoption
  • Provide an independent assessment based on best practice and experience
  • Identify security vulnerabilities and recommend mitigations

why PREDICTif?

Leveraging industry best practices and proven methodologies, PREDICTif draws on its extensive experience and expertise in infrastructure and managed services to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy. Our assessment offers a rapid, flexible and logical approach across people, process and technology to help our customers understand and plan for the adoption of cloud services. Using our comprehensive IP from years of infrastructure, managed services and software implementation experience, we can provide your organization factual insights on your readiness for the cloud. Please reach out to schedule your assessment with one of PREDICTif’s industry leading cloud subject matter experts by visiting

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