Big Data Readiness Assessment

You have heard about big data, but what does it really mean for your company? PREDICTif’s Big Data Readiness Assessment is designed to strip away the “hype” from big data, and drill into the critical questions that matter such as: “Is Big Data relevant to your business?” and if so “How do you prepare for the challenge?” Or maybe you’re asking questions like “Which big data projects will deliver the biggest and fastest returns with the lowest risk?” or “How will big data fit into an existing technical environment?” These are critical questions that need to be answered before you embark on the big data journey.

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Big Data is an approach for maximizing the linear scalability, deployment and execution flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of analytic data platforms. It relies on such underlying approaches as massively parallel processing, in-database execution, storage optimization, data virtualization, and mixed-workload management.

Your organization now has an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on your data than ever before. The remarkable advancement of technologies makes it possible for your company to leverage the enormous amounts of enterprise data, whether it is realtime from IoT devices, historical or third party, to improve process efficiency and increase competitive advantage. Yet you may be unsure of where to start. PREDICTif’s Big Data Readiness Assessment will provide a critical understanding of your organization’s readiness for big data from the perspectives of people, process and technology.

Following an agreed upon agenda and utilizing questionnaires, the PREDICTif Solution’s Big Data Readiness Assessment is a 2-4 week exercise that consists of three steps: Discover, Analyze and Recommend. Led by our Big Data subject matter experts, the engagement will adopt an objective, vendor neutral, rapid, flexible approach that will address concerns from the people, process and technology perspectives. The results of our review will remove all the myths around Big Data, ultimately providing your organization a clearly charted roadmap to unlock data capital.
Phase Deliverables
  • Determine key business challenges and opportunities
  • Discuss all possible big data use cases
  • Understand IT current state and future plans
  • Determine your organization’s business goals
  • Identify possible deployment scenarios (cloud vs on-prem) and technology options
  • Assess opportunities and challenges by benchmarking against the industry big data maturity model
  • Evaluate and prioritize opportunities in line with business
  • Identify initial high value big data use cases
  • Create plan for mapping and migrating data streams for big data scenarios
  • Evaluate the impacts on technical and business operations
  • Recommendation on how to address major gaps and issues
  • Review Big Data concepts and benefits
  • Provide alignment on priorities and expectations
  • Clearly and quantitatively illustrates your readiness and operational maturity
  • Provide short and long term recommendations
  • Provide cost estimates of Big Data


  • Gain a critical understanding of your organization’s readiness for Big Data
  • Identify which Big Data offering is the right fit
  • Able to find quick wins and quantify ROI of Big Data
  • Provide a big data roadmap to achieve data analytics utopia
  • Pinpoint where and how to retool existing technologies

why PREDICTif?

  • Leveraging industry best practices and proven methodologies
  • Proven track record of delivering successful Big Data projects
  • Blended technical expertise with business alignment.
  • Experience with various industries – manufacturing, oil/gas, retail, financials
  • Expertise with all technologies within the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Familiar with leading cloud environments – AWS, Azure, Oracle

PREDICTif draws on its years’ experience in data analytics to develop an objective, vendor neutral SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis inpthe readiness necessary for transitioning an organization to the world of Big Data. Please reach out to schedule your assessment with one of PREDICTif’s industry leading Big Data subject matter experts.

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