Retail Services

Balancing cash flow, inventory, mercurial customer needs and confidence levels, and a host of other elements can make or break a retail business. To stay competitive in what is often a merciless market, retail businesses must have a flexible IT solution that can provide them real-time data and business tools rapidly and efficiently.

By leveraging the power of our software partnerships, PREDICTif can build solutions that enable retailers to extract data from all areas of the retail supply chain and distill these data into practical business knowledge, while keeping the day-to-day flowing smoothly. PREDICTif can help retailers to:


  • Build operational dashboards and scorecards that can instantly drill down to individual stores, allowing retailers to accommodate rapid industry changes
  • Create multiple reports in real-time and share those reports online across locations
  • Plan according to market conditions, popular trends, and even historic data while taking into account factors such as warehouse space utilization, freight planning, warranty, and rebate claims
  • Monitor and analyze inventory in real-time and ensure that profitable inventory remains in-stock and available to customers
  • Adjust profit targets, planning, and forecasting effectively to keep businesses in line with company goals

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