IBM Cognos Controller

The offices of finance for both large multinationals and smaller organizations regularly face the challenges of meeting strict deadlines and satisfying data quality requirements for closing the books and delivering accurate financial statements that are acceptable by regulatory standards. All these companies have to deal with complex accounting needs such as inter-company eliminations and currency translations. Compounding with technological hurdles such as data scattered in many disparate systems makes it a daunting task to close book and complete accurate financial reports within the first 5 days of each month. IBM Cognos Controller centralizes controls and management of the financial consolidation process in a purpose-built application, enabling finance teams at these diverse organizations to automate the close process and simplify the task of providing certified financial information. Cognos Controller

  • Enable finance organizations to define and maintain financial consolidation rules and processes.
  • Provide an audit trail to track data flow throughout the consolidation process to satisfy the demands of both internal and external auditors
  • Enable Finance users to drill down into details to investigate and analyze financial information and identify who did what and when.
  • Enable continuous feedback and support for organizational decision making
  • Provide a solid foundation for smooth data collection and dissemination of information with menu-driven data access.
  • Offer self- service capabilities that allow the solutions to be managed directly by finance users, requiring neither extensive development resources nor costly programming.
  • Adapt quickly to changing ownership structures and allows users to amend entities, account details and organizational structures with a complete range of accounting, consolidation, and internal and external financial reporting capabilities to meet the needs of key constituents in the office of finance.
  • Offers Web browser or Microsoft Excel both provide secure, ready access to data.

Equipped with our own proprietary Cognos project delivery methodology and intellectual property, PREDICTif’s Cognos Controller implementation teams bring a wealth of finance knowledge and technological know-how to successfully deliver Cognos Controller solutions that will provide all the benefits that the office of finance needs:

  • Reduced close and report times to accelerate the close process
  • Improved accuracy
  • No waiting or dependence on IT
  • Collaborative and auditable report assembly
  • Pre-built functionality with 260+ standard reports
  • Automated financial consolidation processes and accounting procedures
  • Consolidated financial information in a centralized, controlled and compliant environment
  • Flexible on-cloud or on-premise deployment options

PREDICTif’s Cognos Consulting services offer both quality and value to our customers. Please review our Success Stories for better insight into our approaches and customer successes and contact us today to engage PREDICTif’s award winning Cognos Consulting team!