Planning Analytics (TM1)

Many Offices of Finance are still spending more time on collecting, validating and correcting data than on the more important task of analysis. They are dependent upon silo systems – ranging from spreadsheets to ERP solutions – that are disconnected, outdated, static, insecure, and they completely rely on IT, making the entire budgeting and planning process labor intensive, error prone, lack of control risks and analytics capabilities.

IBM Cognos® TM1® transforms planning, budgeting, forecasting analysis and scorecarding to establish a more dynamic, reliable performance management system. Cognos TM1 facilitates best practices such as driver-based planning, rolling forecasts and profitability analysis blended into planning. It elevates the work of Finance to proactively managing the company’s overall performance. This enables users to employ the same skills as they adopt additional performance management capabilities, saving time and cost.

PREDICTif’s Cognos TM1 implementation teams will deliver business enabling solutions to you that will

  • Empower you to create detailed plans, budgets and forecasts based on contributions from users throughout the organization.
  • Provides you a holistic view of performance and profitability.
  • Enable you to use mobile capabilities, including a mobile client for the Apple iPad.
  • Include integrated scorecards and strategy management to help monitor metrics and align resources and initiatives with business objectives and market events.
  • Support what-if analysis of alternative forecasts, which are reflected immediately in charts, reports and dashboards.
  • Offer IBM Cognos Analysis for Excel (CAFÉ) to encourage high participation planning and accommodate a broad range of work styles, business specific personal analysis and options for collaboration.
  • Provide a managed, governed process that is controlled by Finance, with line-of-business users managing their own work, without the need for constant IT support.
  • Feature an innovative, guided modeling environment that eases development of flexible models without batch processing.
  • Integrate with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence in a single performance management platform that consolidates data from multiple sources and applications.
  • Provide flexible both cloud and on-premise deployment options

PREDICTif deploys highly capable, IBM certified Cognos consulting specialists who are equipped with PREDICTif’s own proprietary Cognos project delivery methodology and intellectual property. PREDICTif’s portfolio of intellectual property includes an extensive set of frameworks, templates and architectures that serve as accelerators to jump start Cognos projects and ensure their success.

PREDICTif’s Cognos Consulting services offer both quality and value to our customers. Please review our Success Stories for better insight into our approaches and customer successes. Contact us today to engage PREDICTif’s award winning Cognos Consulting team!