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Built on the Hadoop ecosystem, MapR has developed and patented many proprietary technologies, creating an enterprise-ready big data solution. MapR’s innovations bridge the gaps that the open source Hadoop stack contains.

MapR-FS, a POSIX Compliant File System, fully supports random read-write operations. By supporting industry-standard NFS, users can mount a MapR cluster and execute any file-based application, written in any language, directly on the data residing in the cluster. All standard tools in the enterprise including browsers, UNIX tools, spreadsheets, and scripts can access the cluster directly without any modifications.

Apache Drill is a self-service BI solution and a query engine for Hadoop, NoSQL, and cloud storage. Drill provides a schema-free SQL engine for big data that enables instant self-service data exploration across multi-structured data including NoSQL, Hadoop as well as traditional RDBMS. With ANSI SQL compatibility, Drill supports all of the standards tools that the enterprise uses to build and implement SQL queries.

MapR-DB delivers ease of use, dependability and performance advantages for HBase applications and supports both key-value and native JSON documents. MapR provides scale, strong consistency, reliability and continuous low latency with an architecture that eliminates delays due to compactions or consistency checks.

MapR Streams is a global publish-subscribe event streaming system for big data. It connects data producers and consumers worldwide in real-time, with unlimited scale. MapR streams makes real-time data instantly available to stream processing and other frameworks, providing:

  • Utility-grade reliability with self-healing, no single point of failure architecture
  • Out-of-box integration with popular stream processing frameworks like Spark Streaming, Storm, Flink, and Apex
  • Kafka API for real-time producers and consumers for easy application migration

MapR’s Converged Platform is fully integrated with the entire Hadoop stack and its own innovations that are uniquely designed to process both distributed files, database tables, and event streams in one unified layer, thus providing singular security, utility-grade reliability, and unparalleled flexibility and openness.

Being one of MapR’s strategic partners, PREDICTif brings to bear extensive experience in applying big data technology to business use cases which ultimately creates tremendous value to our customers. Our consultants are well-versed with all MapR’s technologies as MapR certified architects and developers. PREDICTif’s proven Agile-based project methodology ensure that success criteria are met for your organization’s big data initiatives.

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