e-Commerce Platform in the Cloud


One of world’s leading semi-conductor brokerage and distribution companies experienced numerous challenges when it attempted to respond to the market faster and establish a customer-vendor e-market. PREDICTif was able to deliver a number of machine learning and artificial intelligence-based solutions for them by leveraging AWS’ machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, enabling the customer to reduce lead time by over 68%, inventory by 23%, and substantially increase the gross profit.

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The customer needed more agility from its IT infrastructure to optimize its operations and stay ahead of its competitors:

  • Establish an e-Commerce platform to enable its customers to send requirements and receive quotes in a self-service and automated manner.
  • Automate the end-to-end fulfillment process to reduce time from order to delivery.
  • Expand its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities to reduce guess work by global sales team and propose new leads and upsell/crossproduct sales opportunities.
  • Enable its data science team to experiment and research on new models in trusted and secure environment – isolating work from the global user base.
  • Reduce the capital investment in IT infrastructure, direct focus on innovation and business solutions.

technology used

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Elasticsearch

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Amazon SageMaker

AWS Lambda

Amazon Redshift


  • Implemented an eCommerce platform by leveraging AWS services encompassing EC2, Lambda and RDS services, as well as Elastic Search and MongoDB (for unstructured data).
  • Completed a new data warehouse with Redshift for sales and finance information that allows users to drill down to transaction level detail and resolve data integrity issues.
  • Delivered AI/ML forecast models using Sagemaker and DynamoDB.
  • Ingested 35 years worth of historical data and the corresponding economic and industry data and rendered a comprehensive analytics dashboard that shows trends and hot leads in real time.
  • Utilized AWS’ DevOps services to streamline app development process and accelerate project timeline, enhancing the quality of the delivered solutions.
Guaranteed up-time and 24/7 dedicated infrastructure support for global business
Improved analytics capabilities enabling business to move at the speed of the market.

Self-service capabilities empowering customers and vendors and reducing order fulfilling time

Enhanced agility enabling data scientists to deliver game changing forecast models faster

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