As an AWS Data and Analytics partner,

PREDICTIf will help you plan, design, and build

a reliable and scalable data infrastructure to

ingest, store,  process, visualize, and analyze

data in AWS

Unlocking Business Potential Through Data

Data-driven organizations are proven to make more informed decisions and achieve significant enhancements in decision-making. In a world where data reigns supreme, companies are embracing data and analytics to seize valuable insights and capitalize on emerging opportunities. We empower businesses with the capabilities to leverage data as a potent catalyst for driving innovation and growth. Our focus is on AWS Data Engineering & Analytics, providing you with the tools and insights to transform your organization into a data-driven powerhouse. We are your partner in the Modern Data journey. 

Strategic Steps


Perform a readiness assessment to ascertain your preparedness for the initiative.


Focus on use cases that are impactful to your business. Let early success permeate.


Implement a robust big data platform that can scale to many  solutions and maximize your ROI.

Analytics on AWS: Empower Your Insights

Experience the fastest way to extract insights from your data and distribute them across your organization. AWS, with its array of analytics services, caters to diverse data analytics needs, enabling businesses of all scales and industries to revolutionize their operations through data. 

We architect end-to-end data solutions to provide seamless and efficient access to data that makes it easy to discover, prepare, move, and integrate data from multiple sources

We understand your business and technical priorities in order to customize solutions for the best results

With deep AI/ML expertise, we combine the power of Analytics with Machine Learning to force multiply business value

We empower your business teams to make better decisions through access to data and insights using business intelligence

We build end-to-end governance that provides control over where data sits, who can access it, and what can be done with it at every step of the data workflow

Our team of Data experts help customers build on AWS faster, with more elasticity, at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house team

Seamless Data Lakes for Unparalleled Scalability

Harness the power of AWS-backed data lakes, supported by the unmatched reliability of Amazon S3. These data lakes effortlessly accommodate the scale, agility, and versatility necessary to integrate diverse data sources and analytics strategies. Say goodbye to traditional data silos and warehouses as you uncover deeper insights. 

Performance and Cost Efficiency

AWS Analytics services are meticulously designed to expedite data insights using the most fitting tools for the task. With a focus on optimization, these services deliver exceptional performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring maximum value for your investment. 

Simplicity in a Serverless Landscape

In the realm of data analytics, AWS boasts the widest array of serverless options, encompassing data warehousing, big data analytics, real-time data, and more. Our commitment to managing the underlying infrastructure liberates you to concentrate solely on refining your applications. 

Unified Access, Security, and Governance

With AWS, achieve a unified approach to data access, bolstered by robust security and governance. Tailor and manage security protocols to comply with industry and geographical regulations. Whether your data resides on-premises or in the cloud, AWS safeguards it comprehensively. 

Harmonizing Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Integrate machine learning seamlessly with AWS Analytics services. Unlock the potential of built-in machine learning integration, empowering you to construct, train, and deploy ML models using familiar SQL commands, regardless of your prior machine learning experience. 

Industry Use Cases

  • Recommendation Engines
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Bid Predictors
  • Warranty Analytics (Claims)
  • Spot Pricing Analytics
  • Freight Analytics
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Quick Quotes
  • Customer 360
  • Customer Portal

Technical Capabilities

  • Data  Migration
  • Data Lake Design and Construction
  • Data Lake Customization
  • Data Pipelines
  • Data Warehouses
  • Data Applications
  • Data Infrastructure Modernization
  • BI/Visualization tools with Quicksight
  • Data & Analytics Strategy Engagements

Our Team of Experts

Data Engineers

Our data engineers are responsible for designing, building, and managing data pipelines and data storage solutions on AWS. They work with various AWS services such as Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue, and AWS Data Pipeline to ingest, transform, and store data efficiently and securely.

Data Architects

Our data architects design and implement the overall data architecture and infrastructure on AWS. They collaborate with stakeholders to understand business requirements and design scalable and robust data solutions, including data warehousing, data lakes, and data models.

Business Intelligence Consultants

Our BI consultants work with tools like Amazon QuickSight, Tableau, or Power BI to create interactive dashboards, reports, and visualizations that allow businesses to gain insights from their data on AWS.

Data Analysts

Our data analysts perform exploratory data analysis, develop data models, and create ad-hoc queries to extract meaningful insights from the data. They might work with SQL and analytical tools like Amazon Athena to query data stored on AWS.

Machine Learning Engineers

Our ML engineers build and deploy machine learning models using AWS services like Amazon SageMaker. They work with data scientists to operationalize ML models and integrate them into applications or data pipelines.

Data Scientists

Our data scientists focus on building and optimizing machine learning models, performing statistical analyses, and developing predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions using data stored on AWS.

Big Data Consultants

Our big data consultants specialize in working with large-scale datasets and big data technologies on AWS, such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Amazon EMR.

Project Managers

Our project managers oversee the entire consulting engagement, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and meet the client’s requirements.

Customer Success Story

Wilsonart faced challenges in optimizing production due to a lack of historical demand-driven strategy, leading to ad-hoc orders and non-integrated data infrastructure. PREDICTif collaborated with Wilsonart to revamp their supply chain using AWS Machine Learning, Amazon Forecast, and SageMaker with the DeepAR algorithm. Learn how the solution enables WilsonArt to accurately predict demand, empowering proactive decision-making, efficient resource allocation, and potential future data-driven innovations, all visualized through an intuitive dashboard.