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Cloud reduces the complexity in your IT infrastructure and services and enables you to focus on your core business, test your new innovations in an agile fashion and deliver new products and services to your customers rapidly.

Strategic Steps


We align with your business. Establish a solid foundation. Gain a quick win.


Early successes will deliver cloud benefits throughout your business units.


Unlock key benefits of the cloud to drive growth in a changing world.

our strategy

A vision for everyone

Cloud is a transformational, but disruptive technology. Forward thinking companies implementing the cloud will need to adapt their business processes to extract all the benefits the cloud affords. PREDICTif cloud services start with a strategy and cloud-preparedness engagement that delivers an in-depth analysis of the readiness of your organization for cloud and delivers a detailed roadmap to successfully guide you through your cloud journey.

our method

Going above and beyond

PREDICTif has delivered innovative solutions for a vast array of industries including manufacturing, financial services, oil & gas, distribution and logistics, retail and restaurants. We understand the challenges industries may face when adopting the cloud. We have developed guidebooks and playbooks to help our clients navigate all things cloud related.

our process

Tried and true techniques

PREDICTif has gained extensive experience with multiple cloud services and our professionals will be able to help you design a solution that conforms to well architectured principles and operates with optimal efficiency with maximum return on your investments.

our verticals

Industries without borders

Niche industry? No problem! We have specialists for nearly every business, but we’re always looking for more ways to grow. We love sharing ideas and information across all of our industry experts so that we’re able to use our collective mastery in providing the best outcome for every challenge.

case study

Cloud Migration

One of the world’s leading public relations firms was experiencing challenges in managing its extensive analytics platform. It was deployed in an on-premises data center with outdated software and hardware. PREDICTif designed and successfully executed a plan to migrate their platform to the AWS cloud. By implementing the most recent hardware and big data software, we were able to help them leap 5 versions. The solution dramatically improved both the performance and stability of the platform, while significantly decreasing maintenance and support costs.

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