Optimized Inventory with Real-Time Forecasting for Leading Manufacturer 


Dril-Quip is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of offshore drilling and production equipment for use in Deepwater applications. It uses a manual process for generating month-end demand forecast. Dril-Quip needs an efficient way to compile the data from three separate systems (Oracle CRM, Backlog and Throughput) to build insightful reports with less effort.​


  • Multiple resources from different teams work manually every month to prepare the report, which is time-consuming and error-prone
  • Reports were on Excel with undocumented business rules under hidden macros
  • Report format varied from month to month. There was a need to standardize the format of the report for easy consumption
  • Historical data/reports were stored on individual computers, resulting in unsecure and potential loss of information
  • Depend on email for delivering the latest reports
  • Needed a solution with minimum IT support post solution delivery
  • Implement a solution with minimal initial capital spending on IT infrastructure

    technology used

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    AWS Step Functions

    AWS CloudWatch

    AWS CloudFormation

    Amazon RDS

    Amazon S3

    AWS Lambda

    Amazon Simple Notification Service

    Amazon QuickSight


    • Developed Lambda functions to detect database events and execute business logic through a workflow.
    • Created CloudFormation templates to build DEV, QA and PROD environments and also update the applications as they were being developed. The process was repeatable and automatic, reducing human errors and ensuring consistency.
    • Implemented a demand forecast solution by leveraging AWS services that include S3, RDS, Lambda, QuickSight, Step Functions, SNS, CloudWatch, and CloudTrail.
    • Set up an automated data loading pipeline encompassing S3, Lambda, Step Functions, and CloudWatch to process input data stored in S3 bucket.
    • Notification services were configured to apprise users through emails on the success or failure of a job.
    • Built interactive dashboards in QuickSight with a rich visual experience to deliver up-to-date reports to business.
    • Designed an easy-to-use solution that reduced processing time from days to a couple of minutes.
    • The use of AWS enabled Drip-Quip to prevent appointing any new technical staff for additional support.
    • AWS’ pay-as-you-go approach for pricing keeps the overall infrastructure cost low with no long-term commitment.
    Guaranteed up-time and 24/7 dedicated infrastructure support for global business
    Increased agility in deploying new reports to support the business in real-time

    Reduced support resources empowering the IT team to focus on innovation

    More accurate demand forecasting resulting in lower cost and higher productivity

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