In today’s competitive business world, the need for analytics within sales environments is growing ever stronger. In previous years, the critical sales force decisions have been made at the discretion of the sales leaders. The variety and veracity of data sources available today can now empower a sales organization with previously unmined insights. Data from CRM systems, ERP systems, demographic information, consumer sentiment as well as social networking data can now all be leveraged throughout a sales organization.

Analytics, effectively leveraged by sales organizations can provide decision frameworks to support your sales teams, to help better understand your opportunities and your customers. Additionally, there are internal analytics needs beyond customer profiling – Sales Staff Recruitment, Incentive Configuration and Training needs.

At PREDICTif Solutions, we understand the culture of sales teams.  We understand your sales drivers and more importantly, we understand the value that analytics can bring. We can provide individual, team and executive level dashboards to provide sales performance management metrics, insuring your customers and prospects receive complete coverage from your reps – maximizing your opportunities for revenue growth. We can help you to understand the impact on revenue if you change your commission structure and what happens if you change the commission against one product line only versus your entire portfolio.

Within Business Development, we have implemented analytics solutions that enable our clients to analyze call effectiveness – is there a particular time of day that we are able to reach our prospects, is there a specific value proposition that resonates with a particular prospect either vertically or horizontally and also comparing your top sales performers against your average producing sales reps. These analytics functions have delivered significant revenue growth to our clients.

Whatever your business requirement, PREDICTif Solutions can help! Our extensive experience across multiple industries will insure we understand your business, your drivers and what data is needed to support your analytics needs.