Support Your Operations with Business Analytics

Operations are the backbone of any business, but their cost and how much rests on them means the stakes are high to ensure their success. We can help you ensure this with our Operational Performance Solution, which will build the tools for you to plan, analyze, budget, report, and forecast for the full array of your business’s operations.

Additionally, linking your manufacturing, service, and supply chain initiatives to meet targeted goals can bolster efficiency and help drive down operation performance costs. Let us help you:

  • Set up a unified system of tools to analyze costs, reduce unnecessary failure, note quality control rejections, and track defect rates.
  • Pinpoint and eliminate unnecessary costs related to logistics and distribution.
  • Dispatch inventory swiftly, identifying the most efficient routes to meet time commitments.
  • Analyze inventory, orders, and sales forecasts to reduce costs of inventory turnover, lower accounts receivables, and increase payables.
  • Master your operational strategies according to market conditions to create better capacity modeling, warehouse space utilization, freight planning, and analysis.
  • Utilize predictive operational decision-making capabilities to respond to rapidly-changing business environments.
  • Easily consolidate supply chain data from different sources such as SAP BW, Oracle, and Microsoft Analysis Services.