You’re a business analyst. Your job is to provide the business with analytical insights for their decision making, but data is scattered everywhere and no one seems to even know the meaning of some of the data that your organization is collecting. IT is overwhelmed and it takes them forever to procure the required data and build you the needed reports. PREDICTif customers had similar complaints and we helped them!

PREDICTif builds end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that include data extraction, cleansing and normalization, data warehousing and dimensionalization, as well as reporting and dashboarding. In addition to traditional BI reporting and dashboarding, PREDICTif also delivers Information Discovery and Big Data solutions that enable you to analyze data with large volume, significant varieties – structured and unstructured, questionable veracity and faster velocity.

Our traditional BI solutions are built upon Oracle’s OBI or IBM’s Cognos BI platforms, providing you:

  • An interactive collection of dashboards and reports with a rich variety of visualizations – users can drill, pivot, and filter their data directly on a dashboard, while a rich set of prompts and powerful right-click interactions open up even more advanced analysis capabilities.
  • Full ad hoc query and analysis capability – users can create new analyses from scratch or modify existing analyses in dashboard pages.
  • The technological platform for enabling mobile analytics – users can utilize mobile apps on their smartphones and tablets to interact with and analyze information delivered.
  • The ability to create highly formatted templates, reports, and documents such as flash reports, checks, and more.
  • A powerful, near-real time, multi-step alert engine that can trigger workflows based on business events and notify stakeholders via their preferred medium and channel.
  • The capability of invoking business processes from within the business intelligence dashboards and reports.
  • The ability to use a desktop tool like Microsoft Excel to create ad hoc analyses, right inside Excel, leveraging the common metadata model of the BI tool.
  • The ability to visualize any data that has a spatial attribute, like country, state, highway, airline route, postal address, plant location on a spatial visualization.

Our Information Discovery and Big Data solutions are built with Oracle’s Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) and Big Data Discovery (BDD), providing you:

  • Powerful Self-Service Discovery to easily create, configure, and securely share discovery applications within the context of enterprise governance and security.
  • Industry-Leading Discovery Experience to create discovery applications in minutes using a consumer-friendly interface that includes world-class search and guided navigation pioneered in online commerce.
  • Enterprise Data Discovery Platform to extract data at at scale as well as security, stability, and a framework for growth in a richly visual and easy-to-use environment that empowers business users and unburdens IT.
  • Robust Data Integration that make it easy for you and IT to acquire, ingest, and enrich information.
  • Deep Text Analysis to mine text in multiple languages, providing you the agility to collaborate across multiple geographies, increasing innovation and confidence in decision-making.
  • Unlock Big Data Discovery that opens up the discovery process to you as a business analyst, allowing everyone on the Big Data team to spend much less time on preparation and much more time on analysis.
  • The ability to wrangle data in place in Hadoop via an intuitive, spreadsheet-style interface, leveraging an extensive library of common data transformations and an enriched infer language to extract sentiment and themes automatically from raw text.

PREDICTif has delivered over 100 BI and Information Discovery solutions to our customers in many industries. We can achieve the same success with you, helping you get out of the data collection business and into the analytics and discovery work.