Planning and Budgeting

Today’s global market is volatile, dynamic and unpredictable. To respond and adapt to the inevitable market changes quickly, you will need to find ways to improve the accuracy of forecasts and plans, bringing much-needed agility to the enterprise planning process. However, global research of 1,200 organizations by Dynamic Markets in 2011 shows that, on average, 1.7 months will pass before the finance department becomes aware that operational plans and/or market circumstances for the company have changed.

These planning and forecasting challenges are often made tougher by relying on disconnected and error prone planning processes, inflexible and resource-intensive systems, poor data integrity, and a lack of standardized processes and communication across business functions, slowing down planning cycles and drive up costs.

Our dedicated EPM practice brings you with the industry experience and technological know-how to deliver effective and innovative integrated planning processes, automating business processes, eliminating manual steps, establishing single version of the truth and standardizing process for collaboration.

  • Align strategic and financial planning for clearer business insight
  • Manage risk and uncertainty and understand the key drivers of your success
  • Adopt a rolling forecast to respond rapidly and effectively to market changes
  • Plan at the speed of business by reducing cycle times while also increasing the input from line of business participants
  • Integrate detailed plans to deploy the right resources in the right place at the right time
  • Align financial and operational plans to improve forecasting accuracy and achieve profitability objectives

The key to our approach includes fully integrated planning processes, which align financial planning with operation planning, extract data from a single source and collaborate among all planning participants. The enterprise planning and forecasting solution that we will build for you will drive business agility, mitigate risk and improve resource allocation.