Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID)

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery offers a complete solution for agile data discovery across the enterprise, empowering business user independence in balance with IT governance. This unique platform offers fast, intuitive access to both traditional analytic data, leveraging existing enterprise investments, and non-traditional data, including external and unstructured information. This allows organizations unprecedented visibility into all relevant information, to drive growth while saving time and reducing cost. Only Oracle delivers powerful self-service discovery as part of a complete enterprise platform that offers a framework of governance and standards, enabling faster and more confident decisions, reducing the IT backlog, and increasing innovation.

PREDICTif Solutions partnered with Endeca in 2009, prior to the purchase of Endeca by Oracle. Thus, we have built a strong expertise in the information discovery space. We understand the strength of the search engine, as can be seen on websites such as Home Depot, as well as the unforeseen capabilities of analyzing unstructured data compared to structured data within an organization. Giving power back to the users is a game changer. It gives an organization’s data scientists an opportunity to explore their data and discover new aspects of the Company that were not thought of or focused on in the past. Innovation is a common occurrence that results from information discovery within the OEID platform.

As the first Oracle Specialized Partner worldwide of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1, we have built a strong practice of taking our clients’ BI solutions to the next level. We understand that a discovery platform is needed to understand the “why” behind the “what”. For example, OBIEE would be used to understand that same store sales have changed, whereas, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery would be used to understand why it changed. We have used the platform for analytics across multiple industries. Use cases range from changes in same store sales to reasons for wells to be shut-in to workforce analytics to understanding third-party data. As an organization, our mission is to understand the clients business and configure the solutions to match their needs as opposed to vice versa. OEID allows us this opportunity as it is a solution that is user-friendly and brings all data sets into one platform.

Analyzing unstructured data in a platform for analytics is a relatively new possibility. As the only information discovery tool with this capability, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery gives the user the power to understand how different data helps or hurts their business. Pulling in data such as customer insights off of Twitter would help a company understand their consumer base, giving them more insight into what is working and what is not.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is the next step in understanding your data. Analyzing your data, understanding your data and discovering that your data can help you realize the benefits of implementing a platform for analytics.