Dashboarding/Balance scorecard

Dashboards provide a single pane of glass for all critical information that executives, managers and analysts need to access to make their important and impactful decisions. Balanced Scorecard enables organizations to establish specific goals, define how to measure their success, and communicate that information down the entire organization. Armed with these insights, you are able to make decisions that are based on accurate information and understand how to align your decisions with business goals to adapt the volatile business environments quickly and achieve sustained success.

PREDICTif builds end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that include data extraction, cleansing and normalization, data warehousing and dimensionalization, as well as reporting and dashboarding. Our dashboarding and balanced scorecarding solutions are built upon Oracle’s OBI or IBM’s Cognos BI platforms, providing you:

  • An interactive collection of dashboards and reports with a rich variety of visualizations -users can drill, pivot, and filter their data directly on a dashboard, while a rich set of prompts and powerful right-click interactions open up even more advanced analysis capabilities
  • Full ad hoc query and analysis capability – users can create new analyses from scratch or modify existing analyses in dashboard pages.
  • The technological platform for enabling mobile analytics – users can utilize mobile apps on their smartphones and tablets to interact with and analyze information delivered
  • The ability to create highly formatted templates, reports, and documents such as flash reports, checks, and more
  • A powerful, near-real time, multi-step alert engine that can trigger workflows based on business events and notify stakeholders via their preferred medium and channel
  • The capability of invoking business processes from within the business intelligence dashboards and reports
  • The ability to use a desktop tool like Microsoft Excel to create ad hoc analyses, right inside Excel, leveraging the common metadata model of the BI tool
  • The ability to visualize any data that has a spatial attribute, like country, state, highway, airline route, postal address, plant location on a spatial visualization
  • Provide a framework that aligns strategic thinking and performance measurement
  • Clarify and build consensus on strategic direction
  • Communicate strategy and measures of success
  • Align behavior and increase focus on priority initiatives
  • Support strategic planning through metric relationship analysis and organizational learning

PREDICTif has delivered over 100 BI and Information Discovery solutions to our customers in many industries. We can achieve the same success with you, helping you get out of the data collection business and into the analytics and discovery work.