Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service enables all users to tap into the most pertinent data. Robust analysis is accessible to everyone, from individuals to large workgroups, across the enterprise. Based on proven Oracle BI technology, BI Cloud Service makes agile analytics immediately available, at any scale. Because BI Cloud Service is designed to be used by every employee, organizations can better leverage more of their workforce, to drive more rapidly to new insights through powerful interactive reporting and dynamic dashboards.

As a thought leader in the business intelligence space and a business intelligence specialist, PREDICTif Solutions has leveraged our expertise to create Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service solutions that are configured to our client’s industries. Understanding different pain points and gaps within the organization, while leveraging best practices across implementations, allows us to configure a solution that provides the greatest value to our clients. Our agile and iterative approach allows us to provide a solution useable by end users in a quick time to value as opposed to waiting months for a tool to use. Return on Investment and referenceability are two key words that we strive to achieve here at PREDICTif.

Throughout our experiences and client interactions, we have been able to decipher between a useable and maintainable report within Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, versus something that should be researched further. This allows our users to have solutions and reports that are used and not another piece of software that sits on their shelves. We have implemented a two-week deep dive discovery session with our clients to understand the current state of their business intelligence environment and work through significant reports used on a daily basis and reports that need to be thought of further. Understanding our clients’ business, as well as their gaps and pains, allow PREDICTif as business intelligence specialists to implement a successful solution utilized by various users throughout the Company.

With cloud services, our clients are able to obtain their reports and analytics quicker and through different mobile devices while still maintaining the security of a solution hosted on-site. Our thorough approach maintains this proficiency throughout each phase of the implementation.

We have perfected an implementation approach that involves our clients from start to finish. We go through requirements gathering sessions, design document sign-offs, demos, approved reports, and visually inspecting elements within the cloud services together. We like to think of our clients as extensions of our implementation team. Thus, knowledge transfer is easier and allows a common understanding of specific needs and wants and implementing a solution with all stakeholders on the same page. These are the keys that make us 100% referenceable across each of our clients.