Oracle Big Data

Oracle Big Data Discovery is a fundamentally new approach to making sense of Big Data, empowering organizations to quickly see and understand the potential of raw data in Hadoop, easily transform the data to make it better, and intuitively discover and share new value—all within a single visual product. Oracle Big Data Discovery offers tremendous speed at massive scale, streamlining Big Data analytics to unlock new value for everyone.

As the first Oracle Specialized Partner worldwide of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1, we have built a strong practice of taking our clients’ BI solutions to the next level and we understand the capabilities of Big Data Discovery within Hadoop. We understand that a discovery platform is needed to understand the “why” behind the “what”. We have used the platform for analytics across multiple industries. Use cases range from changes in same store sales to reasons for wells to be shut-in to workforce analytics to understanding third-party data. As an organization, our mission is to understand the clients business and configure the solutions to match their needs as opposed to vice versa. Big Data Discovery allows us this opportunity as it is a solution that is user-friendly and brings all data sets into one platform.

As the visual face of Hadoop, Big Data Discovery gives the user the power to understand how different data helps or hurts their business. Pulling in data such as customer insights off of Twitter would help a Company understand their consumer base, giving them more insight into what is working and what is not.

By sitting within Hadoop, the speed of pulling together vast amounts of data into an analytic to be used by data scientists is unmatched. While other discovery tools within Hadoop need developers and IT staff with specific and unique skillsets to be able to transform data into a useable format, Big Data Discovery is a simple tool that connects into Hadoop and allows all kinds of users the capability to create graphs, charts and understand their data without turning to IT. IT backlogs are lessened us to focus on other aspects of the organization. Like any good solution, Big Data Discovery maintains security of the data within Hadoop and allows IT to sleep well at night.

Big Data Discovery is the next step in understanding your data. Analyzing your data, understanding your data and discovering your data can help you realize the benefits of implementing a platform for analytics.