Don’t let Big Data be a Big Drain

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Big Data, Big Changes

Big Data is the new paradigm in data management with four key characteristics: Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity. The wide adoption of mobility, cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in enterprises has been proven to be highly disruptive in the enterprise information management solution space, producing vast amounts of unstructured data left untapped. It requires us to think in a completely new way and execute a brand new set of solutions for data exploration, visualization and analytics.

Strategic Steps


Perform a readiness assessment to ascertain your preparedness for the initiative.


Focus on use cases that are impactful to your business. Let early success permeate.


Implement a robust big data platform that can scale to many  solutions and maximize your ROI.

our strategy

A vision for everyone

Big Data is an approach for maximizing the linear scalability, deployment and execution flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of analytic data platforms. It relies on such underlying approaches as:

  • Massive parallel processing
  • In-database execution
  • Storage optimization
  • Data virtualization
  • Mixed-workload management

PREDICTif is an expert in delivering big data solutions that optimize your business and maximize the benefits.

our method

Going above and beyond

PREDICTif’s Big Data offerings are designed to strip away the hype from big data and drill into the critical questions that matter. We deliver big data solutions that provide critical insights to your business and empower your people with better analytics. We’re ready to partner with you to lead you on your big data journey.

our process

Tried and true techniques

Companies have taken steps to capitalize on the vast amount of data by:

  • Realtime identification of root causes of failures
  • Harnessing the potential of data-driven marketing
  • Generating tailored offers based on customer habits
  • Increasing engagement and customer loyalty
  • Rapid reevaluation of risk portfolios
  • Adding value to online and offline customer interactions

PREDICTif has built a proven methodology that will guide our customers through the big data journey.

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Industries without borders

Niche industry? No problem! We have specialists for nearly every business, but we’re always looking for more ways to grow. We love sharing ideas and information across all of our industry experts so that we’re able to use our collective mastery in providing the best outcome for every challenge.

how we’d do it

Take the myth out of Big Data

You’ve heard all about big data, but what does it really mean for your company? PREDICTif’s Big Data Readiness Assessment is designed to demystify big data and drill into the critical questions that matter:

  • Is Big Data relevant to your business?
  • How do you prepare for the challenge?
  • Which big data projects will deliver the best returns with the lowest risk?
  • How will big data fit into an existing technical environment?

These are critical questions that need to be answered before you embark on the big data journey. Let our consultants do the legwork so you can focus on what’s most important for your company.

Start connecting analytics to action.