AWS CloudFormation

Effortless and effective cloud provisioning

Managing resources individually is time consuming and opens the door for errors. AWS CloudFormation gives you a way to model, provision, and manage resources, such as EC2 Instances and Amazon RDS databases, effortlessly. At PREDICTif, we have proven expertise in leveraging this powerful infrastructure as code tool to automate and manage your AWS deployments.

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AWS CloudFormation

Automate Best Practices

AWS CloudFormation ensures consistency and reduces potential errors by using widely adopted DevOps and GitOps best practices.

Faster Time to Market

Speed to market is a competitive advantage and every second counts. AWS CloudFormation provisions your resources quickly and consistently so you don’t have to.

Master Integration

Take resource management automation to the next level by incorporating other AWS services, like AWS Config and AWS CodePipeline.


AWS CloudFormation provides an easy way to model, provision, and manage resources throughout their lifecycles based on a single source of truth.

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