AWS Consulting

As a Select partner of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, we combine our deep data analytics expertise with the power of AWS to deliver advanced analytics solutions quickly. AWS provides a rich set of data engineering and data science technology, which make it easy to explore and experiment with new ideas. We leverage these technologies to help our customers innovate and accelerate time to market for more immediate business results. Our AWS certified professionals are well versed in the proven AWS well-architected framework and numerous services, making our delivered solutions highly efficient and easy to maintain.

We offer AWS services in the following areas:

  • Cloud Strategy
    • Align cloud strategy with overall business goals and objectives
    • Identify areas suitable for cloud
    • Establish a plan to deliver quick wins within 90 days
    • Formulate a roadmap for the cloud journey
  • Cloud Migration from On-Premises
    • Computational workload offloading
    • Data warehouse offloading
    • Critical services backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)
    • Archival/historical databases
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    • Leverage Amazon’s Sagemaker to deliver solutions for:
      • Time-Series predictions
      • Recommendation engines
      • Fraud detection
      • Enterprise search
    • Use purpose-built Amazon Forecast and Amazon Personalize for:
      • Sales and demand forecasting
      • Inventory management
      • Cross-sell/Up-sell
      • Logistics improvements
      • Customer analytics

Allow us to help identify your cloud plan and implement the right Amazon Web Services solution for you.

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