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Case Study: Amazon Web Services for CISION



One of world’s largest public relations and media software/services firm, Cisionprovides product and services to global Fortune 500 companies. One of its most core offerings is to provide insight to its clientele based on the analysis of terabytes of media and textual content. However Cision’score content platform was built upon an outdated technology and its big data software MapR was many versions behind. Cisionwas in a critical need of upgrading its hosting infrastructure and the underlying big data analytics software:

  • Cision’scontent platform was built on obsolete hardware that was hosted on anon-premises data center, which required daily maintenance and care-feeding by alarge team of system specialists
  • Cision’sMapR software was 2 major versions and 10 minor versions behind thecurrently supported version and had been out of support for several years. Thisimposed significant risk to Cision’score business that relies on MapR for advancedanalytics and data processing
  • Cisionwas extremely short-handed to support even the existing platform, letalone be able to innovate new solutions for the business.


  • Migrated the content platform and applications from an on-prem data center toAWS
  • Upgraded the MapR software to a supported version and deployed it on a multi-node AWS cluster, ensuring the performance of the platform meet business’expectation
  • Utilized Cloudformationtemplates for architecture-as-code deployments,meeting client’s requirements for maintainability and self-documentingarchitecture
  • Configured Cloudwatchand detailed monitoring to manage cost and justify spendsize
  • Setup Cloudtrailto provide audit logging consistent with industry standards
  • Adopted a proven Cloud migration methodology which enabled the project to becompleted on-time and on-budget


  • Guaranteed Up-Time and 24×7 dedicated infrastructure support for global business
  • Increased Agility in deploying new solutions to support the business in real time
  • Reduced Support Resources empowering IT team to focus on innovation
  • Enhanced Robustness on a most updated hardware and software infrastructure
email [email protected]
phone +1 713.457.7474
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