Accurate long range forecasting is one of the fundamental pieces of any FP&A team’s goals. However, as important as this piece may be to the business, many companies are still utilizing a manual forecasting process in order to produce their long range plan. Hyperion Strategic Finance easily brings solidarity to long range planning, by offering an automated consolidation process with what-if scenario capability. Targeting the end user, Strategic Finance offers a user-friendly interface built for quick, seamless, financial forecasting.

Leveraging the built in GAAP accounting logic offered by Strategic Finance, PREDICTif will design and implement a fully fleshed out long range planning solution, based on the financial chart of accounts provided by our clients. Easily maintainable forecasting logic, combined with an Excel client interface allows transparency into a company’s forecasting methodology, saving analysts valuable time in the forecasting process as well as making an audit process much simpler. Providing a complete set of dynamic financial statement reports, Hyperion Strategic Finance allows for on the fly analysis, and immediate turnaround time for changes that may happen during the forecasting process. Integrating with other Hyperion products, such as Planning and Financial Management, Strategic Finance can be used as a tool to tie accounting and budgeting processes into the long range planning model. PREDICTif makes use of Strategic Finance’s powerful features to build a complete long range solution for clients, including scenario modeling, M&A capability, and consolidation functionality.

PREDICTif employs consultants who have completed multiple “from the ground” up implementations of the Strategic Finance tool, as well as CPAs and other financial professionals to ensure that all requirements are gathered and built to specification within a timely manner. Our consulting professionals are experts in Hyperion implementation and deployment, and one phone call can free up time and resources by implementing Strategic Finance.