With Oracle’s recent release of its BDD platform, PREDICTif Solutions has leveraged its Premier Partnership with Oracle, as well as, our Specialized Partnership in Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) to be first-to-market to provide a proprietary Quick Delivery Kit (QDK) for BDD, maximizing the return on investment for our customers through flawless implementations of BDD within their existing Hadoop environments, enabling our clients to truly leverage their data capital.

PREDICTif’s QDK for BDD was built upon our knowledge capital that we have gained from dozens of successful information discovery implementations. The QDK specifically addresses common challenges found within information discovery and enables rapid and intuitive exploration and analysis of information from any combination of structured and unstructured content. We adopt a proven, iterative solution delivery methodology, which has helped PREDICTif earn 100% referenceability among our hundreds of customers, to deliver BDD solutions. QDK is an 8-week program, within which PREDICTif will deliver:

Establish BDD Infrastructure

Establish Development, Testing and Production environments for BDD that are fully integrated with the existing Hadoop instances

2 Use Cases with 10 Tabs in 2 Subject Areas

Complete the end-to-end development lifecycle that includes business requirement gathering, design, development, testing and production deployment


Configure BDD to ensure that compliant security and content access are established within the solution, enabling secure, auditable and controlled access to the information

Knowledge Transfer and Documentation

Provide training and comprehensive documentation that will empower customers’ personnel to support and further enhance BDD to meet additional business requirements


PREDICTif will conduct a health check on the existing Hadoop environment to ensure that it is optimized with BDD and also provide a roadmap and plan to deliver the BDD solutions in the future.

If the customer has purchased Oracle Big Data Appliance, and thus the bundled software of Oracle Big Data SQL, PREDICTif will train and transfer knowledge over performing SQL queries across Hadoop.

The Big Data Discovery solution allows users a quicker and more efficient way to analyze structured as well as unstructured data side by side. It allows data scientists to quickly create analytics and charts that are needed across the organization. However, it also gives power to users to upload data and understand the Company’s business more in-depth along with data housed within Hadoop. At PREDICTif, throughout our QDK, we provide a team environment that extends well beyond our implementation team to every facet of our client. The more stakeholders involved in the project, the more successful and proficient solution will be configured for our clients. Our main goal at PREDICTif is to create a referenceable client who sees the return on investment of the solution that they purchased in no time at all. The swiftest and most effective way to accomplish this is through an iterative and agile approach to Big Data Discovery implementations as the solution is an agile tool. Feedback throughout an implementation will keep everyone on the same page.