Oracle’s Crystal Ball improves your strategic planning by enabling you to use the tools of forecasting, simulation, and optimization for uncertainty management. Now, with Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management, you can apply the power of Crystal Ball to your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) applications. You can use historical data from your EPM applications to model your risks and predict success. You can run Monte Carlo simulations on business rules either in Excel, Essbase, Strategic Finance or Oracle┬« Hyperion Planning (Planning) to calculate certainty measures and a wealth of risk statistics. And you can share your Crystal Ball workbooks and analyses across the enterprise.

The Benefits of Crystal Ball for Risk Analysis

Oracle Crystal Ball is the leading spreadsheet-based software suite for risk reporting, predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization. Used by 85 percent of the Fortune 500, Crystal Ball gives you unparalleled insight into the critical factors affecting risk, and calculates the likelihood that you will reach your objectives. With Crystal Ball, you will make the right tactical decisions to move you toward your strategic goals and gain a competitive edge under even the most uncertain market conditions.

Most data analysis tools lack the functionality, capacity, and power to do the necessary “what if” analyses required for successful uncertainty analysis and risk reporting. Other tools that do include manual or time-consuming “what if” scenarios do not indicate a probability of occurrence or likelihood of success of any one particular scenario. Nor can they directly divulge the key drivers of risk.

By extending the analytical power of spreadsheets and defining variable inputs in terms of realistic ranges of possible values, Crystal Ball helps you to quickly calculate all possible outcomes and record the results for analysis and reporting. And with the insights you gain from these simulations, you can pinpoint which factors are most likely to help you succeed in the near and long term.

Enterprise Performance Management and Crystal Ball

Every organization has management processes and multiple systems to support them but these systems are often disconnected. Thousands of spreadsheets are necessary to arrive at an annual budget. Financial consolidation lives in total isolation from the rest of the organization. Operational reports cannot be linked to strategic objectives. Process disconnects like these lead to errors, lengthy cycles, and high management costs.

An enterprise performance management (EPM) system brings the management processes under a single umbrella, connecting financial and operational decisions and activities with transactional systems to form a comprehensive management picture. EPM consists of all methodologies, systems, metrics, and structures to support the management processes and provides all key stakeholders with relevant, actionable insight. EPM drives the realization of the goals of all of an organization’s stakeholders, leading to sustained success.

In the past it was difficult to bridge the gap between your EPM data and your business and management forecasting models. These business models usually reside in Excel spreadsheets and are isolated from your EPM systems. Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management closes this analysis gap and lets you use your existing EPM data to manage uncertainty and create powerful forward looking business forecasts. Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management was created for the EPM decision-maker who wants to forecast the future in addition to analyzing the past.

Crystal Ball in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace (Workspace)

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace (Workspace) software is a modular business intelligence platform that provides management reporting, query, and analysis capabilities for a wide variety of data sources in a single coordinated environment. Workspace is a zero-footprint client that provides the user interface for viewing and interacting with content created using Oracle’s performance management applications and Oracle business intelligence products.

Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management places Crystal Ball squarely in your workflow in Workspace. With Crystal Ball, you can create or modify your business models in Excel through Workspace just as you would in your desktop version of Excel. Using the Connection Manager of Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, you can store Crystal Ball EPM models in a central repository that can be viewed and shared by others.

Adding Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer to Your Analysis

Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer adds optimization and substantial processing speed to the power of Monte Carlo simulation. With Decision Optimizer, you can automatically search for your optimal solution to business, finance, and operational spreadsheet models.