Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is an unmatched and comprehensive business intelligence and analytics platform that delivers a full range of capabilities—including interactive dashboards, ad hoc queries, mobile analytics, notifications and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, scorecard and strategy management, business process invocation, unstructured search and collaboration, integrated systems management and more. OBIEE is built on a proven and modern technological foundation that supports the highest workloads and most complex deployments, while providing timely insights to users across an enterprise at a low overall total cost of ownership.

Functionality at a glance:

  • Interactive Dashboards. The starting point for analysis and insight by most users, the OBIEE Interactive Dashboards solution provides a fully interactive collection of dashboards and reports with a rich variety of visualizations. Users can drill, pivot, and filter their data directly on a dashboard, while a rich set of prompts and powerful right-click interactions open up even more advanced analysis capabilities.
  • Ad hoc Analysis and Interactive Reporting. Providing business users with full ad hoc query and analysis capability, users of Oracle Business Intelligence can create new analyses from scratch or modify existing analyses in dashboard pages.
  • Mobile Analytics. OBIEE provides the technological platform for enabling mobile analytics. Users can use the Oracle BI Mobile app on their smartphones and tablets to interact with and analyze information delivered by OBIEE, including dashboards, analyses, reports, scorecards, maps, alerts, and more, all in a secure manner.
  • Enterprise Reporting. Delivered via Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, this functionality allows the creation of highly formatted templates, reports, and documents such as flash reports, checks, and more. It supports a vast number of data sources, including relational, multi-dimensional, web service, XML, unstructured data (from the Oracle Endeca Server), and more.
  • Proactive Detection and Alerts. OBIEE features a powerful, near-realtime, multi-step alert engine that can trigger workflows based on business events and notify stakeholders via their preferred medium and channel.
  • Actionable Intelligence. The OBIEE Action Framework turns insights into actions by providing the ability to invoke business processes from within the business intelligence dashboards and reports.
  • Microsoft Office Integration. OBIEE users can use a desktop tool like Microsoft Excel to create ad hoc analyses, right inside Excel, using the common metadata model of OBIEE and the power of the Oracle BI Server.
  • Spatial Visualizations and Analytics. Any data that has a spatial attribute, like country, state, highway, airline route, postal address, plant location, etc…, can be visualized on a spatial visualization known as a Map View. These maps are fully interactive and data on the maps can be visualized using numerous formatting options including color fills, variablesized markers, custom image markers, percentile binning, value binning, and continuous color-fill options.
  • Scorecard and Strategy Management. Scorecard and Strategy Management extends OBIEE with capabilities aimed at communicating strategic goals across the organization and monitoring progress over time.
  • Server based query, reporting, and analysis. The Oracle Business Intelligence Server is the foundation of OBIEE, and generates queries optimized for each data source, appropriately aggregates them, and presents the results to users within a familiar Web browser via easy-to-use dashboards and reports.