Embarking on an analytics journey is a lot easier if you know where you’re going. PREDICTif can help keep you on the right path by identifying a fit-for-purpose product, providing a roadmap, ensuring pre-project readiness and navigating around obstacles. With this in mind, we have developed a series of proprietary, strategy consulting offerings that include:

With over 100+ vendors, selecting a fit for purpose solution can be quite a daunting task for any organization. That’s where PREDICTif come in. Leveraging our partnerships with leading software vendors, vast intellectual property and industry experience, PREDICTif will:

  • Assist in the identification of the appropriate use cases that address all critical business needs;
  • Prepare the use case documentation and accompanying data;
  • Facilitate software vendors’ involvement in the Proof of Concept (PoC);
  • Administer the different software vendors’ PoC’s and validate their results;
  • Incorporate PREDICTif’s proprietary software evaluation process and compare/contrast its weighted scoring criteria against that of the differing, competing vendor technologies;
  • Lead vendors’ demos and meetings in an effort to contribute towards the information gathering process;
  • Provide cost estimates for license and implementation costs and leverage our partnership(s) to receive best pricing.

PREDICTif knows how difficult it can be to deliver solutions, there’s always so many unknowns – Who are the users of this solution? What is the business value it brings? How do I prioritize against a long list of projects for the coming year? That’s where we excel! Working alongside your business stakeholders and your IT teams, we will produce a short, medium and long term implementation plan so that our clients understand not only the current state but also the desired state and indeed the steps that need to be taken to get you there. Our highly skilled strategists will deliver ancillary assessments to ensure you are well informed throughout your business analytics journey.

PREDICTif is committed to deploying immediately productive consultants on all our engagements. Pre-Engagement Readiness Assessment is typically administered by a senior resource in less than a week prior to project inception. At the completion of the assessment, PREDICTif will deliver a document that captures the gaps in terms of people, process and technology that need to be addressed as well as PREDICTif’s recommendations to bridge those gaps. This will afford our client the opportunity to ready its staff and infrastructure for the project.

Like any journey, knowing where we are starting from and understanding where we’re going is key to success. PREDICTif’s Health Check’s have been built upon our years of operation to help identify the current state and pinpoint the inhibitors to progress.

We have developed a fast-paced Health Check program that is typically administered in 1-to-2 weeks based on a pre-determined agenda. We offer two types of health checks that target common issues faced when implementing business analytic’s initiatives which include:

  • Strategic Health Check
    • Emphasis on alignment with overall business strategies and the initiation of the business analytic’s initiatives;
    • Conventional focus areas include Competency Center, project methodology, process, data governance, security, technology best practices, standards, operational and sustainability issues; and
    • Deliverables include program charter, implementation roadmap, technical standards, governance and the organizational processes that support the initiatives.
  • Tactical Health Checks
    • Project Health Check Review the reporting and analytical requirements for the initiative, review all data warehouse components including data model, technical architecture, ETL strategy, testing methodology, and BI blueprint for suitability and/or performance.
    • Analytics Performance Health Check Review the Data Model and Technical Architecture for best practices implementation, performance features and provide specific recommendations to achieve those objectives.
    • ETL Performance Health Check Review ETL Architecture and strategy for bottlenecks as well as system capacity and data load requirements to assess the system for current/future demands.