Every enterprise is thinking about cloud:

  • How cloud can make your business more agile
  • How cloud can help your organization achieve operational excellence
  • How cloud can help your IT become an enabler

These are the questions that business leaders ponder about when they hear the word cloud. With the rapid advancement of cloud technology and emergence of numerous cloud providers, the answers to these questions are a resounding, Yes.

Indeed, cloud can make business much nimbler: enabling faster response to business requirements, streamlining various operational processes and enabling IT to deliver critically needed solutions faster and more cost-effectively. Cloud has rapidly become a foundational element of IT infrastructure and will be an essential component of all enterprises just like utility and internet.

PREDICTif assists businesses in leveraging cloud technology since its inception. Whether it was IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service), we’ve helped businesses like yours to understand cloud technology and how to effectively utilize services in more efficient ways.

PREDICTif is a premier partner with many of the leading cloud providers:

  • Our partnership with the Oracle cloud was established when it was created 5 years ago.
  • We are a certified elite partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • PREDICTif is a consulting partner with Microsoft Azure

Through the years of working with cloud, we have developed a wealth of know-hows to help customers formulate and execute sound cloud strategy, established a roadmap of cloud infrastructure, and delivered value to business in terms of efficiency, resiliency and cost.

PREDICTif can support customers on their cloud journey in many ways. We typically start with a

  • Cloud Strategy Engagement
    • Align cloud strategy with overall business goals and objectives
    • Identify areas suitable for cloud
    • Establish a plan to deliver quick wins within 90 days
    • Formulate a roadmap for the cloud journey

Then follow it by either a migration to the cloud or an implementation of a business solution

  • Cloud Migration from On-Premises
    • Computational workload offloading
    • Data warehouse offloading
    • Critical services backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)
    • Archival/historical databases
  • Business Applications
    • eCommerce platform
    • Mobile Applications
    • Data science/AI-assisted workloads

Any company who is – at the least – not thinking about how AI can impact their industry, will not have the option to weigh in on the discussion by 2030. We work to help companies at all stages of their AI journey. Cloud is a significant enabler for AI as cloud can provide the necessary flexibility and agility with readily available computational capabilities, toolsets and data. When an AI/ML model is proven in this environment, it can be implemented in business solutions, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.