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PREDICTif Earns Accreditation as an Amazon Web Services Select Partner

PREDICTif Solutions, a Houston-based technology consulting firm, today announces its accreditation as a Select Partner by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This accreditation will further validate PREDICTif’s cloud offerings and capabilities.

PREDICTif has been an expert in business intelligence, data warehousing, big data, and machine learning for over a decade. With the backing of this expertise, the company formed a strategic alliance with AWS in early 2019 to match the increasing demand for cloud expertise from its current clients. In under six months, PREDICTif has launched half a dozen opportunities, received a dozen AWS business and technical certifications, and helped three customers start their cloud journeys on AWS.

“Achieving this accreditation enables PREDICTif to align and work more closely with the AWS teams and leverage both AWS’s technology and PREDICTif’s innovation to assist our customers in their digital transformation,” said Jeff Huang, CEO of PREDICTif.

Looking forward, PREDICTif will work toward becoming an Advanced-tier Amazon Web Services partner by Q4 of 2020, with a specialization in big data and machine learning.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership with AWS,” said Jeff Diaz, Practice Director of PREDICTif’s Cloud Practice. “We have been very successful in delivering innovative on-premises software solutions, and now we are well equipped to help our customers in the cloud.”

As the needs of PREDICTif’s customers continually evolve, the company will keep expanding its focus and offerings as a cloud leader in the areas of big data and machine learning to provide top-quality, tailored support. For more information, please visit or follow PREDICTif on LinkedIn (#predictifsolutions) to stay up to speed with new developments.


Founded in 2007, PREDICTif is a business technology consulting and solutions firm with a unique focus on predictive business solutions. PREDICTif delivers innovative, advanced business analytics solutions to its customers, with over 350 (and counting) projects completed in data warehousing, business reporting and dashboard, big data, and machine learning. PREDICTif’s practices have gone beyond the walls of on-premises data centers, and the company has quickly become an expert in cloud computing. PREDICTif is a premier partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), HPE/MapR, Oracle, and IBM. The company’s professional and certified consultants have extensive experience and deep expertise in AWS cloud offerings, the MapR big data stack, and Oracle’s and IBM’s BI solutions. PREDICTif helps companies complete the digital transformation of their businesses.


Jeff Huang, CEO
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Cloud Readiness Assessment


What is stopping you from moving to the cloud? Do you fear your data will not be secure? Do you think you will lose control to a third party or be locked in with a vendor? Are you worried about performance and uptime for your critical applications? These are some of the common concerns that most companies grapple with when deciding if they are ready for the cloud. PREDICTif has created an assessment that will address these concerns.

Cloud computing offers a value proposition that is different from thatof traditional enterprise IT environments. By providing a way to exploit virtualization and aggregate computing resources, cloud can offer economies of scale that would otherwise be unavailable. With minimal upfront investment, cloud computing enables global reach of services and information through an elastic utility computing environment that supports on-demand scalability. Cloud computing can also offer pre-built solutions and services, backed by the skills necessary to run and maintain them, potentially lowering risk and removing the need for the organization to retain a group of scarce highly paid staff.

Cloud computing also presents added challenges to an organization’s processes and controls. PREDICTif blends technical expertise with business alignment experience for maximum effectiveness. We go beyond routine assessments by diving deep into your IT operations for a comprehensive view of your assets. We help you answer mostcritical questions surrounding cloud adoption tomake sensible, forward-looking decisions before you embark on this journey into the cloud.



Following an agreed upon agenda and utilizing a validatedquestionnaire, PREDICTif’s Cloud Readiness Assessment is a 2-4 weekengagement that consists of three steps: Discover, Analyze and Recommend. The engagement will be led by our Cloud subject matter experts who will perform an objective, vendor neutral SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and assess your company’s overall readiness for transitioning to cloud-based services.



  • Understand how well your business is positioned for cloud adoption and where potential benefits reside
  • Identify and validate cloud use cases that will be beneficial for your business’ future
  • Provide IT executives empirical data to support cloud strategy investments
  • Mitigate risk by knowing what controls and processes support or impede your cloud computing goals
  • Establish a maturity baseline across business, process, and service controls to measure progress over time
  • Define high-priority organizational and/or operational gaps to cloud adoption
  • Provide an independent assessment based on best practice and experience
  • Identify security vulnerabilities and recommend mitigations


Leveraging industry best practices and proven methodologies, PREDICTif draws on its extensive experience and expertise in infrastructure and managed services to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy. Our assessment offers a rapid, flexible and logical approach across people, process and technology to help our customers understand and plan for the adoption of cloud services. Using our comprehensive IP from years of infrastructure, managed services and software implementation experience, we can provide your organization factual insights on your readiness for the cloud. Please reach out to schedule your assessment with one of PREDICTif’s industry leading cloud subject matter experts by visiting

PREDICTif and MapR Tailgate Party – Delaware Blue Hens vs. JMU Dukes


Join us for a unique opportunity to network with alumni from JMU and Delaware.

We will kick off with a pre-game tailgate including lunch and open bar. But, the real highlight will be the oportunity to network with fellow JMU and Delaware alumni and business leaders.

Later, we will head into the stadium as the Fightin’ Blue Hens host the defending National Champion Dukes for a highly anticipated matchup.

AVAILABILITY is extremely limited . . . please RESERVE your spot today!

Reservation includes:

  • 2-hour tailgate party
  • Lunch and Open Bar
  • Ticket to the game


  • Saturday, September 30, 2017 | starting @ 1:00PM


  • Blue Hens Hospitality Village
  • University of Delaware Stadium | Newark, DE

See you on game day!

PREDICTif and Mapr to Present at 2017 Big Data Expo

big_data_expo_logoFounded in Houston, TX in 2007, PREDICTif is a global provider of big data consulting, implementation, and services for the financial, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail and energy industries. For more than a decade, PREDICTif has provided services for Apache, McDonald’s, Metlife, China Offshore Oil and Toyota to name a few, and has gained extensive experience and knowledge in big data applications.

PREDICTif provides the design and development of hardware and software systems for big data collection, cleansing, integration, normalization, visualization, analysis and predictive analytics, and is a recognized expert and pioneer in the Big Data space. PREDICTif is also one of the few strategic partners of MapR’s approved for sales and professional services as well as a marketing partner in China.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, MapR is a leading global provider of big data platform software and applications. MapR provides the industry’s only Converged Platform, enabling customers to improve business results by combining analytics data into operational applications in real time to leverage the power of big data. Through MapR, enterprises have an unparalleled data management platform, to achieve digital transformation and attain competitive advantage. World-class companies such as Samsung, Audi, HP, Ericsson, United Healthcare, have leveraged MapR to achieve more than five times the return on investment. Amazon, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, SAP and other leading companies are part of the global MapR partner ecosystem.

Having received $194 million from investors, including Google Capital, MapR has established more than a dozen branches in the world, and currently has a significant presence in the Asian Pacific market. PREDICTif is also actively pursuing global presence with the support of its parent company, Smith & Associates, a $1 billion electronics sales and distribution company, with particular focus on China’s business.

PREDICTif and MapR are excited to participate in 2017 Big Data Expo in Guiyang, China. We hope to have the opportunity to share our collective experience in Big Data solutions for financial, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail and other industries as well as lessons learned in the implementation process.

We look forward to working with our Chinese colleagues to gain insight in the direction of the development of Big Data technology in China. Together we will find the opportunity to promote the application of Big Data in Guizhou Province and in China at large.


PREDICTif 2007年成立于休斯顿,是一家全球性的为金融,保险,制造,电讯,零售,能源等行业提供信息化大数据咨询,实施,服务的公司。
十年来,PREDICTif为 阿帕奇 Apache,麦当劳Mcdonald’s,美国大都会人寿保险公司Metlife,中海油 CNOOC 和 丰田汽车Toyota 等200多家公司提供了服务,从中积累了大量的大数据应用的经验和知识。
总部设在加利福尼亚州圣何赛的MapR 是一个全球领先的大数据平台软件和应用公司。MapR提供业界唯一的融合数据平台 (Converged Platform),使客户能够通过将分析数据实时结合到运营应用程序来利用大数据的强大功能,从而改善业务成果。通过MapR,企业拥有无与伦比的数据管理平台,实现数字化转型,实现竞争优势。世界一流公司譬如三星Samsung,奥迪Audi,惠普HP,爱立信Ericsson,联合健康保险United Healthcare,使用MapR实现了五倍多的投资回报。亚马逊 Amazon,思科Cisco,谷歌Google,微软Microsoft,SAP等领先企业都是全球MapR合作伙伴生态系统的一部分。

MapR从包括谷歌资本Google Capital在内的投资者中获得了1.94亿美元的融资,在全球已经建立了十多个分公司。 PREDICTif 也在母公司Smith & Associates ,一个有10亿美元年产值的电子产品销售和分销公司,的支持下,积极实施全球布局,尤其关注在中国的业务。
借这次贵州数博会的机会,PREDICTif 携合作伙伴MapR 参会。希望有机会介绍PREDICTif在金融,保险,制造,电讯,零售等行业中取得的应用成果,产品成熟的性能以及分享实施过程中的经验和教训。


Convergence Event


You’re invited to Convergence, a one-day event focused on enterprise data opportunities and challenges at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel in Houston, TX.Convergence brings together data professionals from a wide range of industries in a vibrant discussion to discover emerging use cases, explore solutions and best practices, and enable optimal use of data through analytics and machine learning regardless of data location – on-premises, in cloud, or at the IoT edge. You will hear from industry experts, key practitioners, and technology providers including MapR, Attunity, Pentaho, and PREDICTif.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Best leverage your data assets
  • Operationalize your analytical insights in real-time
  • Provide reliable and convenient container deployment of distributed big data applications
  • Learn how to act locally and learn globally in expansive IoT environments

Convergence is an interactive event. There will be a networking breakfast, a midday lightning round to gather input on topics you select, plus Birds-of-a-Feather lunch discussions. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with other attendees and presenters to explore new ideas and find practical solutions to your business needs.

Special offer – Register now with promo code Email50 to receive 50% off the early bird price.

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center
1601 Lake Robbins Dr.
The Woodlands, TX 77380

May 8, 2017

8:00 AM – 3:15 PM CDT

Promo code:

Register Now:

Featured Speakers:


Ted Dunning PhD
Chief Applications Architect


Ellen Friedman PhD
Principal Technologist


Big Data Readiness Assessment


You have heard about big data, but what does it really mean for your company? PREDICTif’s Big Data Readiness Assessment is designed to strip away the “hype” from big data, and drill into the critical questions that matter such as: “Is Big Data relevant to your business?” and if so “How do you prepare for the challenge?” Or maybe you’re asking questions like “Which big data projects will deliver the biggest and fastest returns with the lowest risk?” or “How will big data fit into an existing technical environment?” These are critical questions that need to be answered before you embark on the big data journey.

Big Data is an approach for maximizing the linear scalability, deployment and execution flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of analytic data platforms. It relies on such underlying approaches as massively parallel processing, in-database execution, storage optimization, data virtualization, and mixed-workload management.

Your organization now has an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on your data than ever before. The remarkable advancement of technologies makes it possible for your company to leverage the enormous amounts of enterprise data, whether it is realtime from IoT devices, historical or third party, to improve process efficiency and increase competitive advantage. Yet you may be unsure of where to start. PREDICTif’s Big Data Readiness Assessment will provide a critical understanding of your organization’s readiness for big data from the perspectives of people, process and technology.

Big Data Flow Chart

Following an agreed upon agenda and utilizing questionnaires, the PREDICTif Solution’s Big Data Readiness Assessment is a 2-4 week exercise that consists of three steps: Discover, Analyze and Recommend. Led by our Big Data subject matter experts, the engagement will adopt an objective, vendor neutral, rapid, flexible approach that will address concerns from the people, process and technology perspectives. The results of our review will remove all the myths around Big Data, ultimately providing your organization a clearly charted roadmap to unlock data capital.

Phase Deliverables
  • Determine key business challenges and opportunities
  • Discuss all possible big data use cases
  • Understand IT current state and future plans
  • Determine your organization’s business goals
  • Identify possible deployment scenarios (cloud vs on-prem) and technology options
  • Assess opportunities and challenges by benchmarking against the industry big data maturity model
  • Evaluate and prioritize opportunities in line with business
  • Identify initial high value big data use cases
  • Create plan for mapping and migrating data streams for big data scenarios
  • Evaluate the impacts on technical and business operations
  • Recommendation on how to address major gaps and issues
  • Review Big Data concepts and benefits
  • Provide alignment on priorities and expectations
  • Clearly and quantitatively illustrates your readiness and operational maturity
  • Provide short and long term recommendations
  • Provide cost estimates of Big Data


  • Gain a critical understanding of your organization’s readiness for Big Data
  • Identify which Big Data offering is the right fit
  • Able to find quick wins and quantify ROI of Big Data
  • Provide a big data roadmap to achieve data analytics utopia
  • Pinpoint where and how to retool existing technologies


  • Leveraging industry best practices and proven methodologies
  • Proven track record of delivering successful Big Data projects
  • Blended technical expertise with business alignment.
  • Experience with various industries – manufacturing, oil/gas, retail, financials
  • Expertise with all technologies within the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Familiar with leading cloud environments – AWS, Azure, Oracle

PREDICTif draws on its years’ experience in data analytics to develop an objective, vendor neutral SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis in the readiness necessary for transitioning an organization to the world of Big Data. Please reach out to schedule your assessment with one of PREDICTif’s industry leading Big Data subject matter experts.

Planning and Budgeting in the Cloud

You’re invited to this exclusive webinar!
Wednesday, December 14th, 3:00PM (Central Time)

The planning and budgeting season has just finished. I’m sure you had to work over time to complete the budget for next year because you were still using a 100-tab, convoluted Excel spreadsheet. Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) is here to take away all the manual data manipulation and cumbersome reporting. And better yet, you don’t need to rely on your IT department and ask your management for a huge upfront investment. Isn’t it just what you need after yet another planning and budgeting cycle that you had to sweat out?

Join us to learn how to improve your planning and budgeting processes through PBCS:

  • What is PBCS?
  • Is it really that simple?
  • Is it secure?
  • Product demo
  • Customer testimonial
  • PREDICTif’s Rapid-Relevant-Results™ offerings

Mastering Customer Experience (CX)

You’re invited to this exclusive webinar!
Thursday, Nov 3rd, 3:00pm (Central Time)

The Age of the Customer is here. Consumers are equipped with unprecedented power to control how and when transactions occur. The million-dollar question is how to reach your customers with a consistent, concise, clear branding message, all while providing the personalized experience consumers crave today.

The answer is Customer Experience (CX) Mastery.

Join us to learn how to establish and enhance your customer’s experience through:

  • Creating a unique customer profile
  • Gaining deeper behavioral and attitudinal insight into consumers
  • Leveraging clean customer data across all channels
  • Intelligent profile segmentation using today’s tools
  • Consistent and relevant customer communication
  • Personalized marketing for increased brand loyalty

Quick Delivery Kit for Oracle’s EBS Extension to Endeca


PREDICTif is excited to announce a Quick Delivery Kit (QDK) offering for Oracle’s EBS Extension to Endeca (EEE) solution. Many customers are leveraging Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) as its core ERP solution to manage financial and operational processes. The myriad of options are available to EBS customers include: OBIEE, OBIA and EEE. PREDICTif’s unique capabilities allow us to identify the right solution for you! Our extensive experience across Business Intelligence will provide you with reassurance that our recommended approach ensures the lowest total cost of ownership without compromising on functionality.

EBS Extensions for Endeca, being built upon Endeca’s information discovery capabilities, offers significant flexibility for ad-hoc reporting and analytics while still providing seamless access to EBS for EBS users. Already equipped with over a dozen of pre-built modules for EBS including AR, AP, Order Management, Inventory, Project Accounting, EEE is easy to extend and customize for any existing EBS custom views and tables.

PREDICTif’s EEE QDK offering is a 12-week program that will enable customers to gain reporting and analytics capabilities for two of EBS modules.

  • Conduct a discovery and planning process to document the high-level business requirements and complete a plan for implementation
  • Establish the solution architecture and complete the installation of the initial 2 EEE modules
  • Complete the required EEE customizations and configurations to meet the business requirements
  • Perform knowledge transfer to customers’ resources to enable them to be self-sufficient for future enhancements
  • Enter into a support arrangement post production to ensure that customers will continue to enjoy support from PREDICTif

EEE QDK will rapidly deliver sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities out of EBS for our customers who are using EBS as their core ERP systems. Please contact us for more information

To download a Power Point regarding EBS and Endeca, please fill out the form blow:

EBS Power Point Picture

Quick Delivery Kit for Oracle’s Big Data Discovery


PREDICTif is excited to announce a Quick Delivery Kit (QDK) offering for Oracle’s Big Data Discovery (BDD) solution. Oracle has furthered its leadership position in the space of information discovery by extending its market-leading information discovery tool, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery (OEID) and releasing BDD. BDD is designed to empower business users such as data scientists and business analysts to explore, transform and discover within terabytes of structured and unstructured data and gain critical insights that transform today’s business. Being a thought leader in the big data and information discovery space, PREDICTif has formed a strong partnership with Oracle to bring the values of BDD to our joint customers. To this end, PREDICTif has enhanced its OEID QDK and begun to offer this unique BDD Quick Delivery Kit.

PREDICTif’s BDD QDK offering is a 12-week program that will enable customers to leverage the marketing leading big data discovery tool and gain unparalleled capabilities to enable competitive advantages from their mountains of data.

  • Conduct a discovery and planning process to identify high value use cases and complete a plan for implementation
  • Establish the solution architecture and complete the development of the initial use case(s) through an iterative development process
  • Enable customer self-sufficiency by performing knowledge transfer throughout our engagement
  • Develop a post-production support arrangement to ensure that customers will continue to enjoy support from PREDICTif

BDD QDK is a highly valuable offering to our customers who plan to and have established a big data store in Hadoop and are in need of exploring and discovering the big data repository. Please contact us for more information.

PREDICTif’s Discoverer Replacement


PREDICTif is excited to announce an offering to replace Discoverer and upgrade customers’ EBS reporting capabilities. As you are no doubt aware, Oracle is sunsetting Discoverer and will soon cease support on this valuable tool. At PREDICTif, we have worked with many companies to identify a suitable replacement for this functionality. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate solution that provides your end users with a seamless experience to continue to perform reporting and analytics across your critical financial and operational data.

PREDICTif’s Discoverer Replacement offering is a 12-week program that will enable customers to leverage the best reporting tool and gain insight from its financial and operation data.

  • Conduct a discovery and planning process to identify a best-fit tool and complete a plan for implementation
  • Establish the solution architecture and complete the development of the initial set of reports
  • Perform knowledge transfer to customers’ resources to empower them to develop additional reports
  • Enter into a support arrangement post production to ensure that customers will continue to enjoy support from PREDICTif

PREDICTif believes this is a valuable offering to our customers who are currently using Discoverer to report out of EBS. Please contact us for more information.

PREDICTif Solutions to Present at Oracle OpenWorld 2015




PREDICTif Solutions, a Houston-based technology consulting firm, today announces its upcoming presentation at Oracle OpenWorld 2015. The conference, held from October 25 to 29 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, will be a premier event for business and IT professionals to learn about Oracle technologies through the interactions with Oracle and its business partners. PREDICTif’s CEO, Jeff Huang, VP of Global Sales, Karl Harrocks and OEID Practice Lead, Jimmy Philip will represent PREDICTif at the conference, meeting customers and Oracle colleagues.“This year we are very excited to have two of our customers, Wilsonart and Cox Automotive, speak on our behalf and share with our customers and partners their successes with PREDICTif. The Wilsonart story is featured on the September issue of Oracle Profit magazine, describing the incredible journey that Wilsonart and PREDICTif travelled together to build a fully integrated EPM, BI and Big Data solution” said Huang.

“PREDICTif has built a lot of successes in our three core practices, EPM, BI and Information Discovery/Big Data last couple of years.” , said Harrocks, “We are excited to leverage this platform to share our extensive experience in Oracle cloud offerings and Big Data Discovery. Whether we’re sharing our knowledge or learning from others, it’s our continuous goal to grow as a thought leader in the age of Big Data and bring this advantage to our customers.”

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