Before we start designing and developing for your project, we take the time to understand your organization. Our proprietary consulting process, Foundation Consulting, includes a series of assessments and evaluations developed to gage the current state of your people, process, and technology.
Foundation Consulting includes:

  • Pre-Engagement Readiness Assessment
  • Strategic Health Check
  • Tactical Health Check
  • Engagement Methodology
  • Strategic Consulting

We use assessments and checks to guide the development of your project strategy and roadmap. By measuring the readiness of your team and the knowledge transfer that will be necessary to establish a Center of Excellence,¬†we’ll be able to enter the project with realistic expectations and a comprehensive plan that is effective and in alignment with your organization’s objectives. We’ll gather your requirements and explore how we can leverage your current technology to realize its power. We’ll also outline all the resources that will be needed to see your project to completion.

Our goal throughout the Foundation Consulting process is to identify areas where we can bridge gaps in productivity and improve efficiency. After determining the project scope, we’ll take you from start to finish, clearly communicating project timelines and mapping out the best route to successful Project Implementation. We’ll highlight milestones for both short and long-term goals and determine the best technologies and solutions for your organization. The roadmap for your project will extend beyond deployment to address support and maintenance needs.