You work in the finance departments, but you are bogged down by number reporting, instead of number crunching. Analytics is really what you’d like to do, but you have stretched Excel to its limit, you rely on IT for any changes in the systems, no matter how small they are, and your data is stored everywhere and can’t be trusted. And your CFO is demanding more analytics. PREDICTif knows all about it and is ready to help.

PREDICTif delivers Enterprise Performance Management solutions – be it financial close and reporting or financial budgeting and planning – by combining industry, technology and functional best practices. Our dedicated EPM practice brings you the expertise to deliver effective and innovative services enterprise-wide, automating business processes previously conducted manually and enabling self-service and improved efficiency.

PREDICTif’s Financial Close and Reporting solutions offer you the ability to:

  • Report to stakeholders in a timely and accurate manner
  • Provide a high level of governance, visibility, and transparency into the financial close and reporting cycle
  • Be confident in the numbers you report
  • Enforce IT governance, risk and compliance while leveraging IT technology and process controls
  • Streamline departmental and corporate policies, as well as manage compliance and governance structure

PREDICTif’s Financial Budgeting and Planning solutions offer you the ability to:

  • Streamline enterprise-wide planning and budgeting process
  • Ensure reliability with predictive planning and rolling forecasts
  • Collaborate on planning within an intuitive scalable web interface
  • Enhance productivity with full Microsoft Office Suite integration
  • Integrate planning and management reporting seamlessly
  • Forecast reliably to plan with certainty and for business growth
  • Scale up to large deployments at low cost of ownership
  • Enjoy robust data integration and deployments
  • Decrease budgeting & planning cycles by weeks or months
  • Eliminate the lag between when plans are updated and reports are refreshed

With functional Accounting and Finance backgrounds as well as having worked in a variety of industries, our consulting professionals possess the technical and functional skills needed to work efficiently with you and truly understand your day-to-day challenges.

Whether it’s Excel spreadsheets slowing you down or the data is everywhere and can’t be trusted, it is possible to close your book faster and complete your budgeting cycle in a breeze. We’re skilled at assisting you.