Flexibility and speed are vital to Energy Services companies, but achieving these goals can be challenging, with these companies taking on everything from construction, logistics, and supply services in their support of the complex oil and gas and electricity industry. Business intelligence and performance management tools can help, offering relief for these challenges through optimizing Energy Services providers’ operations and managing their costs.
PREDICTif draws on our deep experience in the Energy Services industry to create solutions, building on existing systems while incorporating the features of an enterprise reporting system. Using BI and Information Discovery solutions, we can boost Energy Services companies’ efficiency and success and help them:

  • Compile, abstract, and report data
  • Make decisions based on real-time data using pivoting and slice-and-dice functionality
  • Respond more quickly to market changes by expanding data analytics, improving data quality and accuracy, and maximizing data on production and distribution
  • Collect and manage data automatically, reducing or replacing manual processes
  • Increase visibility across business units on a self-determined basis using dashboard and reporting technology