With the advancement of technology and explosive growth of available data, companies have taken steps to capitalize on the vast amount of data that they have accumulated from both internal and external sources. Many organizations have already implemented reporting and dashboarding solutions from their core data sources such as ERP and CRM. They have a decent understanding on what has happened and why certain things occurred with their business through reports and dashboards. Now they have grown more interested in leveraging deeper analytics on all available data: whether it is structured or unstructured, company curated or third-party gathered and hence, identifying ways to prevent negative outcomes from manifesting. It typically involves an astronomical VOLUME of data that has a large quantity of VARIETIES and often arrives with a fast and furious VELOCITY. These 3-V’s are some of the main big data challenges that require appropriate technologies to tackle.

Being a thought leader in data analytics, PREDICTif has been at the forefront of the big data technology. We established a dedicated Big Data practice in 2011 and became one of the only 4 strategic big data partners with Oracle in the country. Even before Oracle acquired Endeca, we recognized the unique capability that Endeca possessed to process unstructured data along with a large quantity of structured data, and formed a partnership with Endeca. We delivered many Endeca solutions for a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Restaurant, Retail, High Tech Manufacturing and Distribution as well as Financial Services. After Oracle rebranded Endeca to be its flagship Big Data Discovery (BDD) tool, we have continued to work with BDD and the underlying big data platform software leaders such as Cloudera and HortonWorks distributions of Hadoop.

Cloudera has been the leader in the Big Data platform arena for the last decade and still claims the highest market share. Along with the open source Hadoop stack, Cloudera delivers a very well developed Management Console module to help administer and manage Hadoop clusters. HortonWorks has really focused on delivering industrial solutions on Big Data, while keeping its software offering open source. MapR however, is taking a different approach. It has invested heavily on proprietary technologies to address the gaps in the open source Hadoop ecosystem, culminating in its Converged Platform that is built to process both distributed files, database tables, and event streams in one unified layer.
It is an exciting time for big data technologies. PREDICTif’s unique Big Data offerings in various industries, as well as our proven track record in project implementations make us an ideal partner for your big data journey. We appreciate that many organizations understand the potential value that Big Data solutions bring, but you don’t know how often times it’s difficult to quantify a realistic ROI for your big data investments. Or maybe you are unsure if your organization is readily are prepared and/or you might be unsure where to start your big data journey. This is where our team at PREDICTif can help.

It’s time to uncover how to make Big Data a lucrative reality for your organization. Contact one of our team members today!